The Wardrobe {minus the lion & witch}

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One of my blogging goals this year is to show you all my home. I realized I’ve never really given you all a “home tour,” but have only shown you bits and pieces. So, I decided 2013 is a good time to come clean. Especially when I realized that the only picture you’ve ever seen from my Master Bedroom is this one from when we first moved & these partial shots from the DIY canvas & Word Wall Art. {and really, those pics show so little, they barely even count!}

So, over the next few weeks, I plan to reveal the last few rooms to you: Master Bedroom, bathroom, & Anna Grace’s room. And if I you’re interested, I can show you a few closet spaces with some of my ideas/goals for them. {let me know if you are interested in that…I don’t want to bore you to tears by sharing every square inch of my home.}

Let’s start with a sneak peek of the Master Bedroom. Specifically, this wardrobe:


A friend of mine was getting rid of this piece and asked if I would like it. We had moved somewhat recently and I realized I needed quite a bit more “off-season” clothing storage for Jonathan & me. So, of course, I said an excited, “yes!” The picture above is what the wardrobe looked like soon after it came to live with us. Only a few things in there, see?

Since I had great plans to fill ‘er up and didn’t want the entire contents of my wardrobe to be visible to everyone who walked by my room, I began looking for fabric to tack behind the doors. Here’s how it all went down:

#1 – Find some upholstery tacks. I used about 20.

upholstery tack

#2 – After measuring & cutting your fabric to fit the door openings, begin tacking the fabric into the door. Because this wood is so soft, I was able to just lightly push on the tacks to secure the fabric.

upholstery tack2

#3 – Step back and admire your handiwork.

wardrobe after

Now my wardrobe not only adds to the color scheme of the rest of my room, but also conceals the piles of clothes inside.

That, my friends, is what I call a win.

So, are you interested in a home tour? How about the closet ideas?




  1. Chelo says:

    I love quick and simple fixes. It’s neat how the wardrobe/color adds to your room. Yes please on the closet ideas! I know Pinterest has a lot of great ideas but I rarely go there these days 🙂

  2. Abby says:

    Thanks for sharing your quick fix for the wardrobe. It kind of gives ideas on how to gain more storage space. If I did not have enough room in the master bedroom for something like that I could even put it in the living room because no one can see what is inside the wardrobe. I second the motion to hear your ideas about closet space. My closet needs some help for sure.

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