31 Days Series

Last month, Nester invited all bloggy people to join her in a “31 Days Series.” Scheduled to start in October, this series could focus on anything…from photography to holidays to imperfection.

For a month now, I’ve been debating what topic to choose. I wanted to choose something broad enough where I could actually post for 31 days without things becoming…um…stale. (“and my next tip for folding laundry is…{crowd waits with baited breath}…do it while you’re awake! {thunderous applause echoes throughout the universe})

I also wanted to choose something in which I have an interest. Because if I’m not interested in it, everything I write about it will be b.o.r.i.n.g. I myself will be bored with writing it. (So once again, my laundry folding series is slammed.)

I talked to my hubby about it to see if he had any brainstorms for me. He did have some good ideas, but nothing really grabbed me or made me excited to write about it for 31 days.


the little light-bulb went on.


Right here.

Starting October 1.

Ending October 31.

31 days of ways to build your marriage.

Now, before I say anything else…allow me to say this:

I am not an expert in married life, marriage counseling, or marriage in general.
I do not imagine myself to be even the slightest bit of an expert.
Gracious, I’ve only been married for 3 years (& 3 months, but who’s counting?) 🙂

But the point of this series is to learn together. I’m excited to prepare for this series because it gives me extra  motivation to learn about strengthening this all-important relationship.

I am really looking forward to learning together. Besides, I know a lot of you who read this have been married a lot longer than I have (hi, mom & dad! 😉 ) so I’d be super glad to hear your comments – especially during the series.

So, what about you? 31 Days of Building Your Marriage.

Are you in for this challenge? Let’s learn together!


31 Days of Building Your Marriage

Day 1: What to Expect 
Day 2: Building in Vain
Day 3: Marriage Basics
Day 4: A Big Job
Day 5: Attention, Please!!
Day 6: Learning Contentment
Day 7: Good Medicine
Day 8: Excellent Communication
Day 9: Built Up
Day 10: Seasons of Life
Day 11: Who Comes First?
Day 12: The “D” Word
Day 13: Friend or Foe?
Day 14: Just Be Friends
Day 15: Compromise Schompromise
Day 16: What Really Matters
Day 17: Got 30 Minutes?
Day 18: Making Time
Day 19: Day In – Day Out
Day 20: Auto-Pilot
Day 21: Priorities
Day 22: Dating Party!
Day 23: Behind His Back
Day 24: A Few Principles
Day 25: Building Memories
Day 26: Communication Station
Day 27: Open as a …
Day 28: Goal-setting
Day 29: The Key
Day 30: The Standard
Day 31: Marriage Resources


  1. I’m asking, do you have to blog about your topic every single day for 31 days? Saturday, Sunday, Christmas, Easter, no matter what? haha, just asking. I don’t think I have 31 days of energy in me right now, homeschool starts in 5 days :-O


  2. Christa says:

    bahahaha…well, seeing as Christmas and Easter aren’t in October… 😉 yes, that’s my plan. we’ll see how it shakes out. things could get tricky if baby boy decides to make an early appearance. 😛

  3. Looking forward to your series! I have thinking and thinking about this one…just not sure yet what to write about. So here’s a question…what would you want to read about? =)

  4. Jess says:

    This sounds like such a great series. I am thinking about writing something for the 31 day challenge, but haven’t decided yet. Either way, I will definitely be stopping by your blog to check out yours.

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