Worship at His Feet

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friday faves


Just want to share a song that has been one of my lifelines recently…

I run to Christ

And my very favorite part:

i run to Christ2

Isn’t that what it all comes down to? You come to the end of a situation – whether a joy or grief – and fall in worship at Christ’s feet.

Not because you know the rest of the story, but because you know the One Who’s writing it.

“Jesus, draw us nearer to You through each situation,
so that our first response 
is not to question, but to worship.”


Special thanks to Chris Anderson for the lyrics to “I Run to Christ.” You can find a list of his other songs here.


  1. Christa says:

    Well, this is awesome! Today God invited me to be nearer to his heart… to sit at the feet of Jesus! Most of the time my focus is on: bear fruit, be like Jesus… but it is dead religion! Come to me, He said, and I will heal your heart. Find rest at my loving heart.
    Than I googled a bit and I saw this page. Curious I read it… And I read just the same! Run to Christ, run to Christ!
    And than I saw your name: Christa. That also is MY name! How great is that!
    God is speaking to my heart!! I love it! Thank you for posting it! God bless you!

    Christa van Rosmalen, the Netherlands

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