31 Day Simplify Series :: why simplify? {day 3}

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Why should I simplify my life?

Is the purpose just to have a simple life? Is it so that others can recognize, “hey…her life is crazy simple” or just because the theme of simplicity is a big deal right now? Because if that’s the only reason, then thanks, but no thanks. I’m not interested in going to a lot of work to simplify things in my life just because someone else is doing it.

What’s my purpose of simplifying?

My purpose behind simplifying certain things in my life is so I can spend more time on things that matter. Like my children and husband. My friends who don’t know Jesus & the grace He offers. My church family. Time in the Word and prayer.

Things like cleaning, taking care of my home, cooking and baking – these are all things that God has called me to do at this stage in my life. But sometimes it’s easy for me to get so very focused on the tasks I need or want to do – and they’re GOOD things! – that I neglect the very best things. The things that matter for eternity.

And I’m guessing you do the same. Whoever you are and whatever stage of life you find yourself in. Because that’s just human nature.

Each of the tips I share in this series are things that I personally do. They work for simplifying my life and I know some of them will work for you too.

Why simplify?
So you can spend more time on what really matters.

What really matters?
Eternity. And everything that lasts for eternity – God, His Word, & people.


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