Why I Don’t Paint My Nails

I know you all want to know why I don’t paint my fingernails, don’t you?

I mean, it’s probably been in the back of your mind this whole time and you just can’t get up the nerve to ask.

Well, here I am to solve your problem.

Without you even needing to ask. I’m so nice, aren’t I?

{Drumroll please…}

I present to you my right hand:

and the left:

I got brave one afternoon and decided to attempt painting my fingernails. I always paint my toenails, but my fingernails are never a priority for me. I waited for a while – probably 5 whole minutes {I know…groan if you must} – and then I had to make dinner. And do the dishes. And make a bottle for Nate.

You know, life just gets in the way of my drying fingernails.

So that’s why I don’t paint my fingernails.

Jonathan is so sweet. After I showed him my messed up nails, he didn’t laugh. He just hugged me and said, “Thanks for putting the needs of the family before your nails.” (actually, I think he used the word frivolous in there somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I mean, I didn’t write it down or anything. maybe I should start a husband book of sayings. kinda like a baby book?)Β 

I haven’t given up nail painting. In case you were concerned. Maybe one day I will grab one of those “insta-dry” bottles and see if that works out better for me. Until then, consider my nails either unpainted…or looking like a 3 year olds.

Are you a nail painter? Anyone come up with a miracle dry-in-10-seconds formula?



  1. Kelsie says:

    ah, I just painted mine last night! I never, ever paint mine (because I always hate it and it chips off haha)! but I decided to try and do it more! But they do have some really fast drying ones, I’m not sure what the brand is but I think it just says something about fast dry, it usually works though!

  2. Rebeca says:

    I hear that if you paint your nails and then stick your hands in a bowl of cold water, the polish will harden and the excess be removed. I haven’t tried it yet. Also, if you take a q-tip and some lotion, use the q-tip to spread a little lotion around the nails but not on them, then what gets on the skin is easily wiped off when you wipe the lotion off. Plus, it’s good for the cuticles. I think a combination of these two tips would work wonderfully.

  3. Bobbie says:

    I work at a nursing home. As Activity Director I get to paint alot of nails- sometimes my residents forget I just painted them two seconds ago and wipe paint across their faces, or they have a finger that won’t stay still- I have discovered that Avon Speed Dry works well. I have tried the sprays and that seems to make it worse. I havent tried the other tricks but I may on Tuesday (Music and Manicures Day.) I am not sure how well the avon polish resists chips, since none of my ladies have to do dishes any more πŸ™‚

  4. Christa says:

    Ooohhh…I really should look into speed dry types! Maybe that will do the trick. Bobbie, what a great ministry you have with those ladies! I’m sure you make them feel so beautiful!

  5. Ashley says:

    Christa! Try the sally hanson nail effects. They last for several days and take 5 minutes to put on! Amazing!

  6. Jessica Y says:

    I don’t paint mine much either. Because I’m lazy. And a nail biter. But when I do, I go for a light or buff color. It keeps me from biting, it doesn’t have to be perfect, the chipping off is not so noticeable, but you still get that pulled together feel.

  7. Christina says:

    LOL! I never paint my nails a color either. I think that it looks so pretty on everyone else BUT, mine would either look like yours OR they would be chipped the next day cause I would be doing some DIY project πŸ™‚

    I do always paint them in a clear or a sheer finish and re-do that every week – usually Saturday night so they get at least one day to be pretty before I drag out the paint cans the next day. πŸ™‚ So it doesn’t show when they are chipped as much.

    And I ALWAYS have my toenails painted πŸ™‚ Especially during the summer when I live in sandals πŸ™‚

    But, I have NEVER had a manicure or pedicure – I know, right?? sad! need a girlfriend to go with πŸ™ one day, I will take my nieces and we will all get one – maybe I can find a Groupon deal?

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