when you’re overwhelmed before you even begin

hey 2016, how’s it goin’ for ya?

After spending time out of state & nursing sick family, I feel like I’ve launched into 2016 just a wee bit on the tired side. And by “a wee bit” I mean a lot. You know, it’s tough to have positive vision for the future when you’re tired. Partly because it’s hard to think about tomorrow much less all you want/need to do in 12 months.

Last Wednesday, I was musing on these thoughts, tending to my 3 littles, and cooking beans when I suddenly felt totally overwhelmed. I decided to put on some truth music + put my phone down. Over the next 30 minutes, God used different songs to minister to my heart. Phrases like these:

“I run to Christ when worn by life and find my soul refreshed.
Come unto Me, He calls through strife. Fatigue gives way to rest.”

“I could not do without Thee, I cannot stand alone. I have no strength or goodness, no wisdom of my own.”

“In my weakness, He is strong. In my need, He leads me on.
When I come to the end of all I am and I place my trust in Him,
That’s when His strength begins – in my weakness.”

I was cooking & singing loudly with tears in my eyes. How does it help to sing about my own weakness? Because I’m focusing on God’s strength. Acknowledging my neediness and looking to the only Source of strength.

You know what God did, don’t you? He used those truth songs to turn my heart back on Him. “This new year is not about you, Christa. It’s not about your goals + responsibilities + health + level of fatigue. It’s about Me. Focus on Me & I’ll carry you through.”

Where do you begin when you’re overwhelmed? Begin with Christ.

Are you overwhelmed today? Feeling weak? You’re in a good place.
Look to Christ for help. He will carry you.

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  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Fatigue is definitely all too common over here too and it’s so easy to get discouraged when I compare what IS with “If I just weren’t so tired I could get up and do that right now” 🙂 Great reminder of TRUE truth!

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