What’s My Niche?

Personal post alert.
Don’t read if you find yourself allergic to such things.
End of disclaimer.

Yesterday, I read a beautifully written post by Mary Beth from Annapolis & Company entitled, “On Finding Your Niche…”

It especially caught my attention because I’ve been wondering about this & talking with Jonathan about it for…oh…a while now.

You see, I know where my true priorities lie. I’m a child of God. A wife to my best friend. Mommy. Homemaker. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

I hesitate to say this next part because I know how quickly things can be taken the wrong way. Especially over the internet. But I’ll take a chance that you’re all friends reading this:

there’s also this longing in me to create. to make something beautiful. 

Not necessarily to sell things. I’ve learned I’m not a major fan of mass-producing things. And for me, mass-producing means making 20 of the same thing. 

Jonathan encourages me to focus on this blog. And throw my creative energies into blogging. And maybe I should. At this point, it’s just not something I feel crazy passionate about.

I like this part of Mary Beth’s post:

I focused on […] being the best that I could be, with what I had.

And things began dropping in my lap. Opportunities. Collaborations.
And for the first time after a long period of waiting, I heard God say, “Go! Go after that!”

And I was encouraged. Encouraged to keep doing the things I know God has for me to do. Like being faithful, creative, & passionate in the roles I know He’s already given me.

So for you? If you’re feeling the same way?

Keep doing the things you know God has given you to do. And follow the other passions He gives you as they align with His Word, the time He’s given you, and the people He’s placed in your life.

In time, I’m confident God will show me why He’s placed such a strong desire in my heart.

psalm 37.4








To read the rest of Mary Beth’s post, click here.


  1. Mary Beth says:

    Oh girl. Right there with you! For the longest time I was afraid to share the opportunities I was going after, for fear people would take it the wrong way. For fear people would think my need to pursue something outside of my home was a sign of my discontentment and a wrong stack of priorities. But something I have learned is that God is a multi-faceted God. And He puts passions in us and gifts in us that we need to use. In the season we are in. With where we are and what we have. Thanks for sharing my post and I am beyond so happy it touched your heart, friend! Xoxoxo, Mary Beth

  2. Christa says:

    Bingo. You’re right on with what I was thinking. Thanks for sharing your heart and being an encouragement! It’s so cool to see how God can use our stories to encourage others, right?

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