What We’re Eating Now…

So, I think I can safely say this week has been busy. 🙂

We are leaving for Panama in 2 days. So tomorrow I’m taking my little girl up to spend the week with her grandparents. I’m happy she gets to be with them, but wow – I’m feelin’ it! I miss her already and she’s not even gone! Every time she wakes up from her nap or gets up in the morning it’s like a party! I’m soaking up the time with her. 🙂

With all the last minute details and the massive to-do list I continue adding to, 😛 I have not been taking time to cook every night. What?!?!?

Don’t worry – we aren’t starving. Quite the contrary, actually. As I told you before, our main fare in Panama will be MRE’s.

Believe me, I have been taking advantage of every beautiful piece of food I put in my mouth!! 😉

Anyway, because I knew I would be pretty busy this week and wouldn’t want to take the time to prepare a meal every night, here’s what I did:

For starters, I made a massive salad for lunch on Saturday. I apologize – I didn’t take a picture of it, but even if I had tried, to…the only camera I had was either my phone or the cheap-o one I got 3 years ago that is practically incapable of taking a good pic. 😛 But I had a bunch of salad fixin’s- tomatoes, leafy greens, carrots, cucumber, avocado…and just threw it all together to create a big salad that would last us several days. We still have some left that I’ll probably finish for lunch today.

Then on Saturday night, I had a heyday in the kitchen (and if you want to know what that word means, check this out). 😉 It was definitely one of my kitchen’s finest moments. haha! You remember this?

Yeah, that’s the pizza I told you about. I decided to make some. A lot.

In fact, I made 4 whole pizzas. Let’s see…4 pizzas…3 people (one of those people being a 19 month old)…that’s a 1 1/3 for each of us. 🙂 Yeah…I probably made too much.

But let me tell ya…it’s been amazing to have it all here. For starters, I made it all with different toppings – so even though it’s all pizza, it’s different pizza. Some has pepperoni, some has ground turkey, some has fresh tomato, all has lots of cheese. 🙂

My hubby and girl LOVE this pizza, so it hasn’t been a problem to have a lot of it around. Plus, last night we had some friends stop by after dinner, and of course, we had plenty of pizza to feed them! Do you know how amazing it is to be able to work on your to-do list all day without even giving a thought to “What’s for Dinner?” – and still have dinner ready in 5 minutes?


So, if you’re prepping for a big trip and figuring out what to make for the next few nights of meals, give this a try. Maybe not a good idea to make 1 1/3 pizzas per person but…if you have teen guys in your house, it might be just enough. 🙂


  1. The pizza and salad sound yummy. That was great planning on your part, to know this week would be so busy and to cook in advance. I’ve been thinking about doing something like that, have you heard about cooking 30 days of meals and freezing them, can’t remember what it’s called. I don’t have freezer space for 30 meals but honestly, wouldn’t it be great to do all the cooking every Saturday and during the busy crazy week, just pull one out each night? Anyway, I’m praying for you daily (already!) for the Panama trip and for your girl and you specifically. Hugs.

  2. Christa says:

    yes! I’ve heard of that! such an amazing idea!! My dream is to one day have a separate freezer to stock lots of food in… 🙂

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