West Elm Inspiration

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Well, first of all, I must say that I had no idea how fun Monday’s post would be.

Honest. It was really rather a spur of the moment thing. Kind of an “oh-this-might-be-fun” idea. I’m so shocked & pleased I fooled so many of you! {teehee} Thanks for the extremely kind comments to me about your happiness about the blog still goin’ on. If I had known you guys were going to do that, I might have posted it for those comments alone. You guys made my day!!

But anyway, enough mushy stuff for the year. I got a West Elm catalog in the mail last week and was able to get a few somewhat uninterrupted minutes to look at it one night while Jonathan was studying. I started ripping out pages of things I liked and had a nice pile by the end. So I thought I would share the inspiration with you.

Before I do, I feel I must mention a couple things:

  1. This post is not sponsored in any way by West Elm. They sent me a free catalog {which anyone can sign up for}, but they aren’t paying me or giving me free products/publicity to write this post. {bummer.} yep – this is free advertising at it’s finest.
  2. West Elm is a $$$ store. Read: you will not be blown away by great deals.
  3. They have some gorgeous products. And just because it might be out of our price range doesn’t mean we can’t look & learn from it. Because, my friends, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I think that’s it, so let’s move on to the inspiring products & images! {Click on any link or image to be taken to the source.}

First up: this small capiz pendant is lovely.

small capiz chandy2

Personally, I think this is a great way to add a little bit of romance in the bedroom. Bring in beautiful lighting. Just make sure you hang it high enough that when you sit up in bed, you don’t clonk your head. Romantic mood = Over.

small capiz chandy

This mongolian lamb pillow cover speaks to me.
It reminds me of a fluffy oversized bear I had when I was little. Her name was Diamond. I think I gave her away when I got married. Clearly, I haven’t recovered from the loss.

mongolian lamb cover

These hive vases are brilliant because of their vibrant colors and stunning design. Really, you could just put big leaves in these {as shown} and it would be stunning. You know how I love teal? Those teal vases are definitely calling out my name.

hive vases

I can’t get over the uniqueness of these glass bubble planters. And you know what’s hanging out in them, right? Air plants. I think I could handle an air plant living in a cool glass bubble at my home. Just as long as I hung it far, far away from anything my little Nate could destroy reach.

glass bubble

Here they are assembled on a dresser. I love the light & airy quality about this whole display.

hanging glass bubble

Sometimes it’s great to have something in your home just for the cool/unique factor. These wooden spheres fit the bill. I love the rustic vibe they add, but yet they’re still sophisticated enough to appear in a photo shoot with a cream sofa & marble {that is marble, right?} coffee table.

wood spheres

Oh, hello chunky-legged, graphic-printed bench. If there were ever a time where chunky legs were attractive…babies and benches. Yes, please. Picture this at the end of a bed. {Actually, I think it would look great at the foot of the bed in my guest room. Yes?}

essex printed bench

Graphic printed rugs are really lovely right now. A graphic rug + solid furniture with clean lines + minimalist everything else = a great room. I love yellow and gray, so this option reached out and grabbed me. Yum.

bazaar dhurrie rug

Oh, and here’s another great graphic rug. Plus, it also illustrates my point of a graphic rug making the room. See how the furniture is clean and modern? The light pendant is cool, but not overstated. And there’s a piece of wall art to the right. But the thing that makes this room is the rug. Take it away and everything else would be boring. But pop that baby in there and BAM – the room is made.


Are you a catalog stalker like I am? No matter the coolness of Pinterest, I still find great enjoyment in perusing catalogs and ripping out my favorite pics. I imagine this is something my children will laugh at me for in the future.

So, what’s your favorite? Eeeehhhh…I hate picking favorites. But if somebody held a gun to my head {pardon the violent expression & overactive imagination} and made me pick my favorite, I’d have to go with…


okay, just shoot already.



  1. Andrea Cooley says:

    I LOVE west elm! Have you been in one of their stores? I could seriously move right in! I especially love those wooden spheres and keep trying to figure out how I could recreate them. I have a few things I’ve ordered there and they’re my favorite! Sometimes you can get good deals with sale items and free shipping!

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