West Elm Inspiration

You can find inspiration and beautiful things everywhere you look.

Sometimes, it’s in nature. Other times, it might be in an unexpected place – like a thrift store or a friend’s home. And sometimes, it’s delivered in your mailbox. Like the free West Elm catalog I get every month. {you can get one too} I usually stick it in my car and then browse through it during random family trips. The last time that happened, I had to go through it three times – eventually thumbing through it with a pen in hand, just to circle all the things I loved.

Why do I do this? Is it to promote greed for all the things I want? Nope. I do it to figure out my sense of style. Specifically, home decor style. And since my style {and most likely yours, too} is constantly changing, I find this to be a fun and helpful exercise to discover things I love, hate, and sometimes even attempt to copy. Here are some lovely scenes that stuck out to me this time.

gird headboard

First of all, let me just say that I love white walls. And if we own a home in the future, let it be known that I will have white walls in at least 1 room. At least.
Second, that headboard. Simple. Plushy-looking. Stylish without being all “woah-look-at-me!” Me likey.


A couple things from this pic – the white duvet cover looks incredibly puffy and like something I want to jump on. After taking my shoes off, of course. And the way I can see the wall color through the glass jug table lamp is just evidence of a well-styled room.

tiled mirror

This tiled floor mirror is not an ideal piece for a kids’ room. But it would be for mine. Again, it’s just a simple floor-length mirror, but with a little somethin’ extra to make it special.

mirrored tray

Most of my entertaining involves teens. This mirrored tray would not be appropriate for those types of gatherings. But my, it would be lovely for a get-together with friends. And I think some of my teen girls would appreciate it because they like lovely things. Besides, you can always do a double check of your hair/face while you grab a snack. #win


Yum. This wool dhurrie is just crazy. In a good way. The big, graphic pattern is pretty much perfect. And I’m crushing on the yellow/gold tone too.


No surprise that I like this victor armchair since I’ve had a major color obsession with yellow/blue mixes. {cue guest room} I wonder how comfy this chair is? It looks somewhat stiff. But maybe something a plush throw and pillow could fix.


I prefer my bed to be made. But other than that, I’ll take this room. The color & molding on the wall is glorious. The table lamp is modern, but not insanely so. And the vase filled with tall eucalyptus? SOoooo easily hackable. Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

What’s your favorite piece from these rooms? Or are these rooms not your style?
No offense taken if you hate these rooms. That’s why it’s handy that we live in different homes. You decorate yours how you love it & I’ll do the same with mine. Because really – you’re the one who lives there, so why decorate it for anyone else?

Stay inspired…



  1. Dawn says:

    I luv white walls too! They are versatile, light releasing, not to mention southern! I like all the things you do in these photos. And their unmade beds always look so stylish!
    Oh and btw Target used to carry that white duvet you want to jump on.

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