Vacation Recap

Ahhhh… the beach…

there’s something about the waves and seemingly endless ocean that’s so incredibly relaxing.


We had such a wonderful time away last week vacationing in the OBX with my family. As I mentioned last week, we went away with my entire family {10 adults; 11 kids 7 years old & under <—emphasis on the under word}.

It was fun. loud. tasty. semi-relaxing. memory-making. crazy. and fabulous.

My kiddos loved the beach – at least the sand part.



 {this is Anna Grace’s pose of choice when I pull out my camera. what a ham!!!}


It was SO much fun to see the cousins all together! These 3 boys were tiny babies during our last get together and will probably be in school the next time they are together again.

I mentioned that my sister and her family are leaving for the Philippines next month as missionaries. I, however, don’t have to say goodbye to them for 29 more days, so I’m choosing not to think about it yet. At least that’s what I tell myself.


We had a jolly good time attempting to take a picture of the grandparents & grandkids. Here’s a progression of the attempted posing & fall-out.


Oh yes. What a winner picture, right? Oh well…at least we attempted.

Here are my lovely parents. Still in love and I’m so glad.


You might remember this pose I wanted to try for our family picture?

family pose3

The wind decided to show up in great gusts, but besides that, things went pretty well.

I would like to point out that out of 11 children, there are only 2 blatantly looking away from the camera. And they’re both mine. Thanks.



bstmy guy

Oh beach, how we loved our time with you.


On Wednesday, I’ll share a super easy dip I made during our vacation. It was a pretty big hit with the kids. And I happened to like it enough to sit on the counter next to it for easier access. Bonus: it only takes 3 minutes to make. Major score!



  1. Kristin says:

    Love your attempts at a photo of the kids! I took my kids outside for a mini photo shoot today and I barely got anything acceptable! Barely. It’s painful. Between my 3-year-old and my other child who hates sun in his eyes and another child who likes to make faces…it’s a workout!!

  2. Christa says:

    o goodness, Kristin, I can totally relate! I mean, you saw the pic of my little girl when I stuck the camera in front of her face? yikes.
    hey, at least we’re capturing real life & memories, right? 😉

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