two. four. six.

We’re in birthday season over here. These cuties now claim title to the ages of 2, 4, and 6.



My sweet Miles is 2 and we might be in denial. I vividly remember the feeling of complete joy when he finally emerged. He loves talking (possibly even more than his sister), eating chicken (good thing because we have 40 lbs of it!), sucking his thumb, playing with animals and babies, and making music.


At only 2 years old, he has a hilarious sense of humor and loves to make his family laugh. We kinda love it too.


My 4 year old, Nate, would like to be the biggest person in the world. I’ve been trying to discourage him from such an aspiration, but he is constantly talking about wanting to be bigger than his friends & growing taller. He has an incredible imagination, enviable art skills, and a sensitive spirit. He went through a phase a while ago where he always wanted me to wear my hair down and got upset if I put it up. He regularly tells me I’m beautiful (even when I’ve just woken up) and loves his Daddy more than anyone else in the world. He loves to laugh and you can see just a peek into his fun personality from this expression:


My little princess just turned 6 and is the spunkiest child I have ever seen. Her energy for life is contagious and she has the uncanny ability to make friends wherever she goes. She loves books, games, puzzles, playing outside, cooking with Mommy & riding her bike. She can be super tough and has gotten into some pretty tough scrapes without making a whimper.

While I write this, she’s sitting next to me doing a puzzle so I just read my description to see what she thought. When I got to the end, she said, “Of course, Mommy. Of course I like cooking with you.”


3 little gems from the hand of my heavenly Father.

Thank you, God, for the gift of children – especially for my 3 treasures.
Help me to teach them to honor You & Your Word,
to live out the truth of the Gospel,
to obey in heart + not only deed.

Teach me to have a love with them that is patient and kind,
that doesn’t insist on its own way,
that isn’t irritable or resentful,
that bears, hopes, and believes all things.
Teach me to to love them like you love me.


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