top 10 posts of 2014

top 10 of 2014

Well, forgive me for stating the obvious, but…we’re about to close out 2014! Say what?!

That’s crazy, if you ask me. But there are 3 little people around me who are a year older, so I know it has to be true!

I always love to look back over the year to see what the top 10 posts were – as voted by you, my lovely readers. These are the posts that got the most hits from this year, but if your favorite didn’t make the list, I’d love to know which ones you loved!

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#10: the very best way to keep your home clean


#9: DIY Tuscan Garlic Herb Mix

tuscan garlic herb mix // perfect for gifting!

 #8: Christmas is for the Hurting

christmas is for the hurting

#7: you have to choose // from the 31 day simplify series 

Simplify Series // a 31 day journey via

#6: limit your options // AKA why I only give my kids 2 breakfast choices. for some reason, you guys really liked this post!

#5: how I have a clean house & more sanity // without hiring a maid. but I think that would be cool too.

#4: 31 day Simplify Series // a lot of these posts got in the top 30 of 2014. I guess that means you liked it?

Simplify Series // a 31 day journey via

#3: Jehovah Jireh :: My God Provides // on sweaters & school bills

jehovah jireh

#2: Break Your Rules //

break your rules & live by God's.

And the very top?

The most favorite post of 2014?

[[drumroll, please]]

[a little bit louder]

#1: S’mores {in a pan} // I would expect nothing less. these really are THAT good and THAT easy. after all the stress of 2014, you owe it to yourself and your family to make this. tonight.

S'mores {in a pan} - 3 ingredients, NO mixing, & only 1 pan for clean-up! Soo delish!!!

And that’s a wrap! Did you catch all 10 of these? Any you would add?

top 10 of 2014

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