thoughts + changes

There are some times when I don’t have very clear thoughts. Actually, that happens a lot. And I feel like I’m just throwing out a bunch of thoughts all at once – some of them true and good; others not so much. I call these my ‘throw up thoughts.’ Forgive the expression.

For the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, talking, and praying about this blog. There’s no way I can write out everything I’m thinking. But I kind of feel like I owe you all an explanation. And at the same time, I don’t exactly know what to say. Because it’s all still in the thinking mode right now.

So instead of writing out all my ‘throw up thoughts’, I’ll just say this: I’m going to take a little break from posting. So that I will have more time to pray. and think. And I will come back – probably in a week or two – because I really do love writing. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

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Thanks, friends.