The One Item Every Kitchen Should Own

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Would you like to hear a love story?

Of course you would.

Several months ago, Jonathan got me something for my birthday that changed my cooking world.

Enter the best knife I’ve ever used:


Yes, folks, although you might not realize it, you are looking at the greatest knife ever. If I could go back in time and re-register for my wedding gifts, this is the only knife I would put on there. It’s the only knife I use now – and I have a whole knife block in my cupboard.

Actually, when we went on vacation last summer, I almost brought this baby along since we cooked most of our own food instead of eating out. But I thought that was overkill.

Nope. I missed it. Even Jonathan missed it and said we should have brought it.

I first heard about this knife when I read this post by Pioneer Woman. And then I started stalking it on Ebay. And Amazon. And Craigslist.

This stalking went on for months. {Actually, it was more like a year.}

Then my birthday rolled around. And my sweet hubby, having noticed my stalking habits and heard my praise of the greatness of the Wusthof Classic Santoku knife, told me I could get it.

And so I ordered it off of Amazon.

And I praise it every time I use it. To every one who happens to come in my house when I’m using it. And we are living happily ever after.

The end.







p.s. Wusthof has no idea who I am. Neither does Amazon…except for the fact that I regularly pay them to ship diapers (and other random objects, like knives) to me. I wasn’t paid or perked to do this post. Just genuinely wanted to share something I’m excited about – and {dare I say?} in love with – in my kitchen.



  1. Laura says:

    I don’t have that particular knife, but I do have a santoku knife that came with the block set we got as a wedding gift. I had never used it, but after reading this I decided to try it out on some cream cheese I needed to cube for a recipe I made over the weekend. It worked great! Thank you for expanding my knife horizons (and making hubby nervous b/c I will now be habitually carrying something larger than a paring knife around the kitchen, hehe)! 🙂

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