The Beloved Necklace

My fam and I traveled to Virginia after Christmas. I enjoy driving but my hubby enjoys it more, so I found myself in the passenger seat.


I like to get comfy during long trips. Comfy = moving in. As in, moving everything into the car that I would normally have surrounding me at home. Clearly, I am not a Type A personality:

During this particular trip, I decided to work on a little project. Several years ago, I bought this necklace:

I loved this little necklace, but it was starting to look bad. (Okay, who am I kidding? It had been tarnished for months, but I kept wearing it. Because I’m cool like that.)

In case you can’t see the wear and tear, here’s a close-up:

Oooohhhh…gorg. I know you all are jealous of my necklace. Well, more and more people kept trying to steal it from me whenever I wore it, so I decided to take action. (If you have a popular necklace like this, feel free to follow my example. It’s not worth getting beaten up over.)

Take some super cool wire cutters

and start cutting the beads off your necklace. Then grab some earring findings,

find a combination of beads that you like and string them on to your wire.

Now take your earring piece.

Thread the wire through the earring, trim any excess wire (making sure to leave enough wire to wrap around the earring), and then grab some needle-nose pliers.

Twist the remaining wire around the earring until secure.

And here’s the awkward self-portrait:

And here I sit…typing away…still with only 1 earring in my left ear. Why only 1, you ask?

Because I dropped the other one underneath the passenger seat. And I’m not sure about its current location.

It’s sad, isn’t it? My beloved necklace became a beautiful pair of earrings…only to have its hopes dashed.

Well, if you’re taking a trip soon and need something to do along the way, consider taking apart an old necklace or bracelet that has lost its vigor and giving it new life in a pair of earrings.

Just make sure not to lose them.