The 12 Questions for the Dwelling Richly Series

Dwelling Richly Series

On Monday, I shared this introduction to the Dwelling Richly series. In the process, I mentioned that each participant was given a list of 12 questions focusing on their relationship with the Word. Some of you expressed an interest in reading all 12 questions, so I decided to share them today with hopes that they will:
1) help you think through your time in the Word &
2) cause excitement as you think of other women answering these questions.

Here they are below, in the order they were presented:

  • What’s your regular routine for Bible study?
  • How do you personally cultivate a desire to be in the Word?
  • What has been your driest time spiritually and how did you overcome that period?
  • Are there any non-essentials that you love to have during your study time (fave writing utensils, drinks, journals, etc)?
  • What resources have influenced you the most in giving you a desire and tools for dwelling in the Word?
  • Is there a favorite Bible study method you use?
  • Do you/have you ever used accountability in the area of time in the Word? How? Did you find this profitable?
  • Have you ever taken time for a personal spiritual retreat? If so, how?
  • Any recommendations for Scripture memory? Meditation?
  • Do you have ways to make your time in church more personally enriching?
  • How do you {or how did you} make time for Bible study when your children were little?
  • How did you encourage a love for God’s Word in your children? Did you have a method for helping them learn how to study for themselves?

So thanks for the idea! How ’bout you share all your good ideas with me? Then I can pretend like I’m an amazing idea generator when really it’s just you guys. Mkay, sounds good.

In other non-arrogant news, I created a landing page for this series. You can find it by going to the top of this site, hovering over the “SERIES” word and clicking the “Dwelling Richly” tab. Additionally, you could also click here. The page contains a nutshell intro, pictures of each contributor, and either links to the interview or shows the date for when each interview will be posted. I think it’s dandy. & helpful. & I’m excited to share the rest of these interviews with you.

Finally, there are 2 lovely days left for you to enter the giveaway for these beauties below.

dwelling richly giveaway

There will be 4 winners, which makes me so excited because it means more chances. I wish I could say you’re all winners.
And you are.
In God’s eyes.
But not with this giveaway.
So go enter. 😉

I’ve been in a rare mood while writing this post, partially because I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie dipped in dirty chai. I’ll try not to make this a regular occurrence.
Ok. That’s all I got for ya. Gotta re-warm my chai because it’s lukewarm. No bueno.