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My Marriage Is Not Affair Proof

Google "How to Affair Proof Your Marriage" and you'll end up with a slew of options, ranging in helpfulness from "Commit to honest, open communication" to "Watch out for that second or third cocktail."

My husband and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and while we don't claim to have marriage figured out, there is one thing of which I'm 100% certain: my marriage is not affair proof. Not only is it not affair proof now, but I'm completely and totally confident that my marriage will never be affair proof. You know why?

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the video interview :: a marriage project

Earlier this week, I posted a picture on facebook {see it here} with this caption: “Last night, Jonathan and I did our yearly interview with each other. Complete with cheesy grins & weirdo sunburn lines. One of our favorite traditions!” This is something we started last year {see that picture here!} and loved so much we …

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