Summer Days

During our last week of school, I vividly remember this laughable conversation I had with Jonathan:

Me: “I’m really not looking forward to taking a break from school.”
Jonathan: “Why not?”
Me: “It’s just been so great to have a steady routine and I’ve loved the time teaching Anna Grace!
What am I going to do with a summer?”

[I know, Moms. Laugh at my expense. Go ahead.]

Now that I’m in the thick of preparing for a new school year (we’re planning to start July 18th in preparation of baby #4’s arrival), I can’t imagine what in the world I was thinking when I was sad to end school! Because summer has been really amazing.

summer days

When I began summer, I had great plans of things I wanted to accomplish with my kids. However, when I went into pre-term labor and had a couple weeks of bedrest, that threw summer plans into a bit of an upheaval. The week following my “release from bedrest” we headed up to my parents’ home and then to Kentucky during Jonathan’s 2 weeks of seminary classes. So BAM – that was a month of summer right there.

Despite the unknowns, we’ve still managed to have some deliciously wonderful times together this summer. Here are some of my favorite things we’ve done:

  • work on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13

My kids and I have been working on this chapter all summer. We’ve all needed it. And it’s been wonderful in counseling both myself and them during the inevitable fights that break out during the day. I didn’t realize how much Miles (2 years old) was picking up on it until the other day when I was talking with him about hitting. “Miles, that wasn’t loving, was it? Because love is … ”
“Patient! And Kind!” He piped up.
Yes. Yes, it is.

  • reading through the Bible

I seriously doubt I would have been able to accomplish the goal of reading through the Bible in 90 days if I had not done it through the summer. I’m so, so thankful I did it. I’m also really happy to be slowly working my way through other passages of Scripture nowadays. This morning a verse popped into my head soon after I woke up and I spent a good chunk of my devotional time reading and praying through it. Such a rich blessing.

  • outside activities

Oh, how I will miss the lovely mornings we’ve had outside! We’ve spent some grand times at different greenways around Charlotte – riding bikes, walking, playing on playgrounds, picnicking… it’s been so nice to have extra time to explore and be active around our city.

  • spending time with friends

We’ve loved having fun play times at the park, in the library, and visiting older friends in their home who aren’t able to get out as easily as we can. Certainly some of these things can be done during the school year, but there’s something so nice and easy about being able to do it during the summer when you don’t have to work around a school schedule.

  • begin piano lessons

Although we took a month long break during the bedrest/traveling period, I’ve begun teaching piano lessons to Anna Grace this year. I finally figured out that I have to schedule them into our week (just as if it were something I were paying someone else to do) or else there’s no way on this green earth that they will happen. Since the scheduling realization dawned, she’s been coming along nicely.

  • extra reading time

I’ve read so much more to the kids this summer! A lot of that has to do with the fact that I don’t have the pressure of fitting schoolwork into our days. It’s a lot easier to sit down and read a long episode of Homer Price when there aren’t a bunch of other items on the to do list. We’ve all loved it!

A couple other things I’m hoping we’ll get to fit in to the summer are:

  • more games
  • a tea party with Anna Grace
  • family camping trip (I think we might have to do this one some weekend after school begins…but as long as we get it in before baby arrives, that counts in my book!)

The Lord’s grace has been super abundantly evident throughout this summer and I know it will remain evident throughout the school year. One day at a time, right? 🙂 Okay, enough chit chat! I’m off to enjoy the rest of this summer time before we get back on our school schedule!


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  1. Kristin says:

    We’ve been homeschooling since my 13-year-old was almost 5 …and I feel this way every year! “I like our routine! What am I going to do with a whole summer?” Of course, I never feel strongly enough about this to keep schooling through the summer, but I’m always afraid the lack of routine will be bad or boring or I don’t know what! Now, though, we’re over a month into summer vacation and our August start date feels too close. I’m loving the routine we’ve established in the mornings of a quiet breakfast with my boys and then the girls joining us a little later and the family devotions we share on weekdays and the stacks of picture book I’m reading with my 5-year-old (and anyone else who wants to peek over my shoulder). I’m sad that the school year will mean juggling high school (!!) with baby care. I guess I’ll probably adjust to that and love it just adjusted to and loved our summer.

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