Storage Bin Options {for Kallax/Expedit} :: what I chose

Many moons ago, I told you the story of needing more storage for my kids’ room and finding this lovely via a facebook yard sale group:kallax-shelving-unit-white

Remember how I was looking for storage bins and rounded up a lovely list of options I was considering?

Here, let me jog your memory with this graphic:

13 storage options under 15

Here’s where I fulfill my promise {6 months later} to tell you what I chose for storage bins.

Previously, I was set on these lovely insertable drawers from Ikea. I thought it would be way easier to use them for the boys’ clothes + I think they’re really classy. However, I was planning to buy at least 4. And at $15 an insert, I just had a really hard time swallowing the $60 price tag – especially when that was coming close to the amount we spent for the entire storage unit.

So I considered my other options. And decided to choose something completely different. Namely, these guys from Walmart. At $11.34 for TWO. TWO!!!


I was extremely tantalized by the array of colors and patterns available, but after about an hour of debating back and forth, back and forth…I finally settled on the Slate Blue option. Part of this hour was spent online and part of it was spent in the store. With my kids waiting in the cart while I decided. They deserve an award for surviving the “most indecisive mom” category.

I now am the proud owner of 5 of these canvas bins. I’ve used 3 for several months now – both for clothes and toys – and they’ve held up really well, so I just bought 2 more a couple weeks ago. I keep Nate’s shirts and shorts in one (they’re 13×13 square, so they’re huge) and he loves to pick out his own outfits. Which usually results in a rotation of his 3 favorite shirts until Mommy steps in and tries to point out the merits of the other shirts in his drawer and explain that maybe a red Superman shirt doesn’t look so awesome with burnt orange shorts.

Meh. Small beans, small beans.
The point is? I got some bins. They’re a perfect fit. The price was right. And they’ve been holding up really well for the past 3 months. Here’s to another 5 years.

I’m working on a bit of a kid’s room re-do. Nothing insanely major. Jonathan and I re-painted the room several months ago and between that and the installation of the new storage unit, the walls have been completely bare – except for our lovely Map Mural. So I’m putting together an inspiration board with my goals for the room. I’ll share soon!



  1. Deanna Herald says:

    Thank you! I just bought a bunch of Kallax, and I didn’t really like any of their bins. I love the many choices.

  2. Ashlyn Birch says:

    I have been scouring the internet trying to find some bins that would fit that are in cute colors!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Amber H. says:

    Did you find these in store or only online? I am trying to decide on storage bins for my Kallax right now. Thanks!

  4. Margaret says:

    Thanks so much! I was in the exact same boat, bought a 4×4 Kallax shelf at a discounted price from Ikea’s As-Is section and didn’t want to spend just as much for a few boxes.

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