Stinky Stinger

The other day, I was out walking with Jonathan & our two kiddos. It was an early evening and we were just taking a little stroll before putting the kids down for bed.

I noticed quite a few wildflowers on the side of the trail and decided to bring some of them home.

After putting them in a jar in the bathroom, I noticed a little movement towards the top of the flowers:


Hello there, little stinger.

{1 brief moment + a small wad of toilet paper = Goodbye, little stinger.}

The next day, I noticed an unpleasant scent in the bathroom. Guess what it was? Oh yes…the flowers.

The blessing? Beautiful flowers in my bathroom.


The disguise? An extra {unwelcome} house guest & unpleasant scent.

Next time I see these particular flowers, I think I’ll enjoy them only in the outdoors.


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  1. Christina says:

    🙂 yeah, the Lantana I brought in and had in my lamp photo shoot stunk too. But they were free so I put up with the stink for the beauty shot 🙂

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