Still Life :: 19/52

Can’t believe it’s week 19 of the 52 week photog challenge over at My 3 Boybarians. It’s crazy how fast we are coming to the middle of 2012!

The theme this week is “Still Life.” My interpretation:

It’s been rainy off and on this week. On Wednesday, I put the kids down for a nap and grabbed my camera to take a pic for this challenge. This picture has a double meaning:

It’s still life because…well, bricks don’t move.

But take a look at the whole picture – not just the cropped part:

It’s also “Still Life” because during this particular naptime I had a moment to stop and become still.

Everyone needs those moments – no matter how brief they may be. Today, make sure you take a moment to just stop.
Take a deep breath.
Thank God for the opportunity to live.
And ask Him for the strength to continue.

What are your “still life” moments like?


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