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reader survey 2015

Fifty of you lovely people left me a comment in the Reader Survey answering the question, “What can I do to make Brown Sugar Toast better?” If you didn’t catch the Survey Results, you can check out all the analytic graphic-y goodness right here.

On Monday, I promised to share some of those comments with you as well as my thoughts.

Let’s talk about this one first:


In case you don’t know why I disabled them, I explained that here.
If you want to contact me, I want that process to be easy for you. I have good interaction with those of you on facebook, but again – not all of you are on facebook. So I’ve decided to enable comments again. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


state of the blog address

Okay, whoever said this has got to be the nicest person ever because of the way they approached this. haha! I assure you, this is my very own unique personality shining forth. 😉



Those comments are all accurate. And I’m glad it’s evident.

If God uses this online space to encourage your heart closer to His, then that’s awesome. But I totally realize that my primary responsibilities are to my husband, children, and the people He’s placed around me. Sometimes that means this space takes a backseat and I don’t post for a week – especially during the summer when we’re traveling on missions trips and camp.

Having said that, I enjoy writing. And Jonathan encourages me to write. Now if I’ve learned anything in 6 years of marriage, I’ve learned to do what my husband encourages me to do. I’ve also learned not to discourage corn-chip-eating. I don’t always adhere to that lesson.

I just keep giving this space to God and asking Him to guide me as I write and plan.

Here are my thoughts for now:

frequency // I feel like 2-3 times a week is a good number. I love sharing Friday Faves, so you can expect to see that weekly. While I’d love to tell you I’ll post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I just don’t think that gels with my other goals in this season of life. The easiest way to keep up with new posts is to either sign up for posts via email or follow on Bloglovin’. But if it’s easiest for you to check in here a couple times a week, that’s cool too.

topics // we’ve already established I’m not a crafts queen or recipe genius. Faith + family topics got the highest votes during the survey, as well as home decor. Some dear soul asked me to write on photography tips. Let me assure you, I know practically nothing. If you need assurance, just look at any of my past posts. Which is why I bought this. Other topic suggestions I received were:
day in the life
dressing kids frugally
home decor on a budget
home tour
money saving tips
book reviews

If you read any of the above topics and thought, “Oh, I would love it if she wrote about THAT!” – let me know in the comments!
Otherwise I’ll just pick whichever ones strike my fancy and roll with it.

heart // I’ve mentioned this before, but my heart behind this site is to encourage you in Christ. I believe that can be done even through posts about home decor, family life, and goal updates. I want your heart to be encouraged, your mind inspired, and your soul refreshed.

I’m so happy to be on this journey of life & writing with you. Thanks for letting me in.


  1. Laura Freeman says:

    LOVE the post title. 🙂 My top 3 picks of topics I’d love to read about would be: home decor on a budget, money saving tips, and book reviews.

  2. beth says:

    Follow on fb. Love the idea of three posts a week. Anxious to see the posts on dressing your kids frugally! Our goodwill started the new year with new pricing and i can buy new items at wally world for less!

  3. Rachel Brown says:

    Ooohhh….FITNESS!! Would also love to see day in the life posts & money saving tips (specific to your family). Thanks for doing what you do! 🙂

  4. Love your heart!! I love when I find someone on the world wide web who I think I would connect with in real life – you are one of those!! The Lord will use you just how he wants you just keep being faithful to His callings whatever they may be 🙂 If you have spare time I LOVE book reviews! I am a mama of 5 and I want to read good stuff so when other believing mamas read and review its super helpful! Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!!

  5. Sarah says:

    Book reviews! Not just for adults, either. I think it would be great to hear of some of the favorites that you read and reread with your littles. Even the non-mommas among your readers would probably be glad to know for gift ideas or babysitting help.

    You should write up what you do for Scripture memory, for yourself and your kiddos. I think you’ve mentioned it in passing, but maybe more detail? We all need help, and I know your time of life is a prime one to make excuses for why it can’t work. But you make it work.

    Church involvement with littles. Controversial. Maybe input from other seasoned pastors and/or parents also? Just thinking it could be helpful to get some solid input from those farther down the road who could show how their choices in scheduling and priorities affected their kids opinions and priorities.

    How to laugh. Seriously, though that’s not a great starter, something about humor and pressure and such. Cuz you do great with that.

    And to think I did fill out the survey already. You got my juices going. I love your blog, glad to catch up when Internet speed permits!

  6. Christa says:

    you are precious. thanks for your feedback. I wrote the ideas down in my newly found friend, Evernote. Jonathan has converted me to use it a lot now. 🙂

  7. Breanne says:

    I really enjoy your blog, I love that you put God first in your life, then your family, then everything else 😉 You seem so genuine and sweet and I love all of those topic options, I can’t pick just one or two. I look forward to seeing what you write about in the future!

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