Mar 272013

split seconds from grandma


I copied this recipe from my dear Grandma’s recipe box when I was a teenager.

recipe from grandma


This recipe reminds me of precious times with my Grandma. But it’s also just downright tasty. Take a buttery shortbread cookie and fill it with your favorite jam or jelly. Delish. I don’t care for the storebought cookies like this – the filling tastes fake. But these? I could take care of a dozen.

After mixing and shaping the dough into a flattened log, use a knife to make an indent down the length of the log.

knife impression


Fill it with your favorite jam or jelly:

jam filling


split second filled

Bake for ~15 minutes and then devour.

split seconds2


And yes, I was speaking literally when I used the word “devour.”

split second tested

Here’s the handy printable!










  3 Responses to “Split Second Cookies”

  1. yummy! okay so I must ask..where did you get that Rise ‘n Roll jelly? where we lived in Indiana there was a bakery not too far called Rise ‘n Roll… where the Amish people made the best donuts! :)

  2. well, unfortunately…I got it as a Christmas present from friends who visited an Amish store in Indiana (same one, I bet!). But I discovered they sell it online if you really must have some! :)

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