Sometimes It Pays to Wait

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First of all, I absolutely must give a big shout out to all of you who have taken the time to answer the Reader Survey and give me your feedback! If you haven’t answered the 8 questions yet, could you pretty please give me your thoughts? You’ll find the survey at the bottom of this post. Also, the answers are completely anonymous, so whether you tell me you love me or hate me, I’ll have no clue who said it unless you personally type your name out in the comments section. I’ll give the survey a week or two {depending on when results stop trickling in} and then share some of the results + my thoughts with you.

Second, I had to share something that I just bought. Every so often, a great big e-book sale comes out – usually focused on a certain theme or something. A couple years ago, I bought one on Homemaking and loved it.

However, when my friend, Christina told me there was a new bundle focused on Do-It-Yourself projects, I told her I probably wouldn’t get it.

Until. I looked through the list of e-books and courses included.

For several years I’ve been toying around with the idea of taking the photography classes by ShootFlyShoot. Their photography 101 course is $67 and I was thisclose to buying it 2 years ago, but decided to just try to learn it by myself.

Shoot Fly Shoot

Fast forward 2 years…not much has changed with my photography skills.

And SO…when I noticed that this DIY bundle had Photography 101 in it and the whole bundle is $34.95?! I thought I was reading it wrong. Like maybe it was advertising a knock off brand of ShootFlyShoot’s classes. You know, like the Great Value brand of salsa or the Up&Up brand of cotton swabs? No really, I’m not a brand snob. But you know what I mean, right?

When I clicked on the link, though, I realized it was totally legit. And so I now have the ultimate DIY bundle in my very own possession. Including my entry into Photography 101! I am super excited to dig into the video classes.

If you’re remotely interested in trying out the photography 101 course, I definitely encourage you to buy it through this DIY Bundle!

There are 76 e-books & courses included in this bundle – so I’m not going to share all of them in this post. {you can see the whole list here}
I’ll just highlight a few that I’m especially excited about:

a children’s journal that looks so fun! You can click here to take a peek inside {that link takes you to amazon, though, not the bundle page}

a tassel book from the Nester {that I wanted to buy last year, didn’t, and now I’m glad I waited}:


another resource on photography from an excellent lifestyle photographer:

a Pinterest book I just read about last week and put on my mental ‘to read’ list:

and I’m pretty stoked about this furniture painting book because I’m usually game to paint anything:

There are 70 other e-books/resources that I got when I bought this bundle. I’ll be honest – some of them don’t interest me at all. But then there are others that I cannot wait to read and study. I figure – even if I only take the photography course and don’t even look at the other 75 resources? I’ve still saved $32 off a course I almost bought at full price 2 years ago. #win

Sometimes it pays to wait, doesn’t it?

Check out the bundle here!
so you know, this deal is only good until January 26. if you buy, you have 30 days to return it if you decide it’s not the right fit for you.



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