Ribbon Flowers

Hey there! And I hope you had a marvelous weekend!

We sure did – the weather was gorgeous here, so we took advantage of it and went to the park…in between the time when my hubby was working on a paper for his class.

 My little girl LOVES being outside! We have a playground right near our house and every time we walk by it, she’s going, “Ooooh, oooooh!” 🙂 Love her.

Anyway, on to the reason for this post. Remember this pic?

From this post of yore about my Valentine’s Day decor? I mentioned that my hubby and I keep eating the m&m’s and so there aren’t many left to “decorate” our house with. And one of you gave me the idea to make little flowers to go in the vases. Now aren’t you smart?! 😉

So, with spring around the corner, and with CVS having a nice sale on spring m&m’s a couple weeks ago, I got some and have been saving them in my pantry. I know it’s still not spring yet, but it was so warm here on Saturday, I decided to open up a bag and set to work making a flower.

I got the original idea and tutorial from this site. And she got the original idea from Martha Stewart. So here, I present to you…a ribbon flower. Super simple and fun.

First, start with your supplies:

Button(s) <—-(more depending on how many flowers you make)
Hot glue & gun

Begin by deciding how big you want your flower. I wanted mine pretty big, so I cut my ribbon into about 9″ strips:

I decided to cut 4 strips so I would have 8 “petals.” But just go with whatever you think looks good. Lay out your strips something like this:

Stitch the center of the flower so all the strips are connected. Flip the flower over, fold each strip towards the center, and stitch the petals in the center. Just look at the picture and you’ll see: 

Continue until you’ve stitched all your petals:

(Side note: I realize the BrownSugarToast logo in the middle of the flower is severely & extremely annoying. I got on this little hyper-sensitive kick because one of my blogger-friends had her material stolen. So I kinda went overboard and decided to put my logo in the center of most of these pics. Then I decided if someone was lazy enough to steal a post, they would probably be too lazy to crop the logo out of it, even if it was in a corner somewhere. Anyway, this won’t be a permanent fixture, but just thought I’d explain) 😉

Fire up that nifty hot glue gun of yours and glue a button in the center:

And glue a skewer on the back:

Now pop that baby into your vase of spring m&m’s and watch yourself go to great lengths to eat the m&m’s despite your nice idea to make it harder for yourself.

Hey. Don’t get between a girl and her chocolate.

Funny – I was out Saturday night at a Scentsy party and when I got home, the flower was out of the vase and half the m&m’s were gone. haha…ok, so maybe the flower skewer idea doesn’t work for my hubby and me.

I suppose we’ll have to work an “m&m category” into our monthly budget. Don’t judge.

Happy almost-spring!!!!


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  1. Chrissy says:

    Your ribbon flower turned out really cute and I love how it looks in the vase of m&ms. These flowers would make adorable hair accessories for little girls. I’ll have to make some as soon as my little girl grows some hair. 🙂

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