Pretty Packages {30+ Gift Wrap Ideas}

You know those Christmas presents you bought during Black Friday? Or Cyber Monday? Or maybe you still have yet to buy some? Whether or not your Christmas shopping is done, there is one thing all Christmas presents have in common: they need to be wrapped.

As I was searching for some great ideas to wrap presents, I happened upon quite a lot of inspiration. Let this be a feast of beauty for your eyes…

Helloooooo kraft paper! Even though the background is the same on these presents, check out the gorgeous combinations these clever people came up with:

1. Justina Blakeney
2. Live Laugh Rowe
3. Madewell

1. Jones Design Company – includes FREE pdfs for the gift tags! sweet!
2 & 3. Martha Stewart
4. Tilly’s Cottage

1. Allora Handmade
2. Minieco.Co.UK
3. Martha Stewart – along with 44 other gift wrapping ideas!

1. Justina Blakeney
2. Design Sponge – plus 2 other gorgeous ideas!
3.  Whipperberry

1. One Lucky Day
2. Martha Stewart

1. found via pinterest – Original Source Unknown {let me know if it’s you!!}
2. The Many Uses of a Brown Sack via Lilluna
3. Wrapping with Maps via Cozy

1. Inspiration Ave.
2. The Haystack Needle
3. Two Shades of Pink
4.  Bugs and Fishes

Whew! Are you feeling inspired? How are you wrapping your gifts this year? I’m using newspaper. Yep. I told Jonathan I was going to wrap our gifts in newspaper and he said, “Okay.”

“Wait. You’re serious?”


“Oh. Cool.”

Apparently I need to work on my shock factor.


This wraps up week 1 of A Handmade Christmas series! We still have 2 weeks of this goodness left, so join us again on Monday! I’ll keep you updated via facebook about the next posts so connect with me there or on twitter to get the goods. And, as always, you can sign up for free email updates so you won’t miss a post!

See you back here on Monday!







  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Joel has made a tradition of wrapping gifts in newspaper. But the fact that we need to make sure way don’t get scooped into the trash with the other wrappings probably would make it clear that they don’t look like those. 🙂 Such fun! Those are cute!

  2. Naomi says:

    We used newspaper a lot, too when I was growing up. Not because it looked cool, but b/c it was cheap 😉 These look great! I’m a *horrid* gift wrapper 🙁

  3. love this! and you know you can get the brown Kraft paper (well, maybe it is not Kraft brand but it is brown wrapping paper) at the Dollar Tree!! 🙂 15 ft. roll for $1 – I may use that this year even though I have a bunch of clearanced rolls from past years that I just can’t seem to finish up.

    I love the newspaper idea (and I have PLENTY of that!) Adorned with a pretty red bow or tied in red string with a cute label like you pictured above – really like the simplicity and homemadeness (yes, I just made up that word) that it reflects.

  4. Love it, Christa! Newspaper is a great choice. Just think of all the decorative pops of color you could add with such a neutral background.

    I was planning on using the brown wrapping paper too, but my frugal self would not allow me to purchase it. So I’m using what I already had this year which would be red with tiny holly berries for us, pink Hello Kitty for the big girls, and red/white Pooh & friends for the babies. Not exactly the look that I was going for but certainly easy on the pocket book. lol!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Christa says:

    oh thanks, Em! I will add it in the post. glad you’re enjoying the series — we are having so much fun doing it together! thanks so much for stopping by!!

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