31 Day Simplify Series :: Plan for Paper {day 27}

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In Simplify Your Life, Marcia Ramsland devotes quite a bit of writing to the topic of paper.

Personally, I think that paper has the ability to multiply in any situation. No need for a dark, wet environment – paper multiplies in any place and at any time. Or at least that’s been my experience.

Clearly I’m not an expert on handling paper. However, I found one.



Click on the graphic or here to check out Clean Mama’s 8 tips.

The one tip I DO already use is to go paperless on as many things as possible. And by ‘as many things as possible,’ I mean bills. Because I’m still in love with notebooks. And making lists. And I’m pretty sure I get more done when I make lists I can actually hang on my fridge. Or at least the satisfaction factor is WAY, WAAAAAAAY higher when I can cross things off.

Drink coffee? Done.
Schedule pedicure? Boom.
Hire maid to come for an extra day? Oh yeah.
Plant an extra money tree out back? Slash that baby off.

My to do lists are always awesome. And they always get done.

— — —

Wait, what? I just had the most amazing dream about to do lists. ANyway…that’s an area of my life I’m working on. And the post from Clean Mama was brilliant for me. I hope it is for you too!


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