Personalized Wall Art

Hello & Happy Monday!

It seems like the past few months have been a busy blogging time – starting with blogging every day during October, then sharing Thanksgiving, Christmas, & “end-of-the-year” posts. Finally, I have time to share some things that have been going on in my home the past few months! Today, I’m just going to give you a sneak peek at some new art in my guest room. Then on Wednesday, I’ll share the whole shebang of guest room goodness.
{shebang: everything involved in what is under consideration. go…impress your friends.}

On to the new wall art…

When I was in college, a friend of mine was a great artist and she happened to give me a print she created. I loved it – not only for the beauty itself, but also because she created it based on the woods from a camp we both loved.

However, it took me for.e.ver. to actually get a frame and hang it up. Enter Ikea, a nail, and voila –

wall art

There she hangs:

wall art below

I love it. The camp is also where I met Jonathan. {Not that we had any interest in each other when we first met. Or for the next 2 years. But that’s beside the point.} So, yep – glad I finally hung the beautiful print.

I love personalized wall art, don’t you?

Join me back here Wednesday for a complete look at my guest room – starting with the ugly before picture!







p.s. you like personalized wall art? may I interest you in a DIY canvas project, ballard inspired mirror, or tree branch? just a few of the inexpensive wall art I’ve created over the past 2 years…




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