Parade of Homes

A while ago, my hubby and I went on a pre-baby trip. We left our little girl with some friends and went away for a night so we could have some “just us” time before we added a new member to our family. It was great, by the way, and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I mentioned this story during the 31 Days of Building Your Marriage series. But in case you didn’t read it…or you’re new here since then…I’ll mention it in brief form. ha.

On our way to the hotel we took a wrong turn that led us to these big, beeeeeautiful houses. We decided to go back the next morning when we could actually see the houses instead of just their shadows. So, the next morning came, we drove to the houses, and noticed lots of vehicles parked on the side of the road. I was intrigued. Especially when I saw this lovely sign – “Parade of Homes.” I had no clue what that was except that I saw all these people walking towards this big house. When we asked, they said we could just go in and look around. Great idea, right? Ummmm…yeah. For me, that is. My hubby? Not so much.

Being the nice guy he is, he let me go and even came with me…that’s hard core love right there, people. Yep – I got a keeper for sure.

I took my camera in – not my big honkin’ camera – just my little one. And I was determined to get some good pics so I could share them with you. In fact, there was one picture I was trying to get of some awesome wallpaper in a pretty small bathroom. The only way I could get a good picture was by sitting on the toilet. My hubby isn’t usually embarrassed by my antics, but he was…um…surprised – to say the least. I hope you greatly appreciate these pictures and receive inspiration. If so, then my toilet picture taking was worth it.

And now, get yerself ready for a picture overload.

That is a pathetic picture of the outside, but wow – isn’t it gorgeous? Oh yes.

I loved the floor in the entryway:

I didn’t take pics of every single room in the house. And I’m not showing you all the pics I took. Because I took too many. And had to draw the line somewhere. But here are some of the things that stood out to me:

Backsplash in the kitchen:

Beautiful tiling in one of the half-baths:

Love this wallpaper combo!!


Master Bedroom:

And a closer look at the upholstered headboard:

It just looks luxurious, doesn’t it?

Found this little ballet fellow on the way up the stairs:

We loved their balcony! Such a pretty view to see every day! (and no, I’m not talking about my pregnant self. awkward.)

Here’s a chair in the wife’s office:

Hello??? do you see that beautiful pouf ball? That was my favorite thing in the house. The chair + rug + pouf ball = awesome. I couldn’t resist a close-up pic:

Apparently, I also couldn’t resist trying it out. But don’t worry, I had those little shower cap-looking things on my feet:

I’m not sure what’s more attractive: my socks and shower caps or my swollen, white ankles. Definitely a toss-up.

Here’s another beautiful bathroom:

One thing that was amusing was to listen to people talk as they looked around the home. There was this one lady who was critiquing things and talking about what she would do differently when she built her house.

And then there’s me.

Not talking about what I would do in my house…no, I’m the one sitting on the toilet seat to get a better picture angle. And taking close-up pictures of the soap because it looks cool.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about that one, did I? Well, here’s the pic to prove it:

Cool, isn’t it? If I had soap like that in my house I would never use it. That would be a pretty severe problem.

Yet another bathroom…this one needs no words:

Gorgeous. Did you notice the outlet on the right side? Great wallpapering job, I must say.

And with this amazing light:

That was one thing I kept noticing throughout the house – beautiful lighting. Instead of showing you a meeeellion pictures, I decided to make a collage of some of the super cool lamps:


They are cool, aren’t they? Which one is your favorite? I can’t pick just one…I love the bottom left one with the clear glass. But I also love the texture in the top row (2nd to the right). Here it is in a close-up:

Pretty, right?

My hubby and I were able to meet the “lady of the house” (and of course, I complimented her on her gorgeous flower “pouf” in small hopes that she would give it to me. kidding. sorta.) and she explained the purpose behind the rooms and design. Fascinating.

We ended up our time by hanging out at some of the local joints. We made a friend while we were there too. I think he liked us.

Until next time…



  1. Christina says:

    Oh wow! LOVE that pouf too! and the backsplash in the kitchen – so pretty, a little too modern for my house but hubby would probably love it.

    oh and the lamps – so pretty!

    and the upholstered headboard – wow! I am actually thinking (but not sure if hubby would be on board) of DIY-ing something like that for our bedroom. And if not for our bedroom maybe for the guest bedroom. and maybe not upholstered maybe made out cabinet doors. I don’t know – pretty much ANYTHING except what I have – desperate furniture dislike calls for desperate measures! ha!

    Enjoyed your house tour! Now you have me wanting to take a tour – will be looking out for one of those “parade of homes” signs 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    Isn’t it? I like to look and find inspiration but I don’t think I would want to live in a house that large! Btw, you look fabulous. So glad your pregnancy is going well!

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