Panama Missions Trip – Day 7

I’ve heard rumors that we *might* be able to take a shower today. You have no idea how much joy and hope that brings.

Here’s the rundown:

6:30 am – Rise and Shine
7:00 am – Breakfast / Devotions
8:00 am – Begin helicopter transport back to San Miguel De La Borda
12:00 pm –  Sack Lunch
12:30 pm  – Head back to Panama City
5:00 pm  – Arrive at Hostal Cristiano
7:00 pm – Dinner at Mi Ranchito Restaurant   <— um, excuse me??? woohoo! you know I will hugely enjoy this meal! I mean hey, I don’t really care what they serve, I just know it won’t be an MRE! 😉 okay, back to the schedule 🙂
9:30 pm – Return to Hostal
10:30 pm – Lights out


Please pray that the Lord would continue to give us witnessing opportunities today.
Also, pray that we would continue to show love and patience to each other. When the tiredness sets in, oftentimes so does selfishness. Pray that we would be like Christ in our thoughts, words, and actions.


“This is my commandment,
that you love one another as I have loved you.”
John 15:12