Painted Wall Art

Happy day to you!

I recently made some painted wall art out of a random piece of wood.

Here’s the deal: we had a cabinet-type/media thing that held our old TV. {you can see a pic of it in this post} In the 5 years we’ve had this TV, we’ve used it approximately 4 times. So at long last, we decided to pitch it. I tried to sell both items on craigslist to make a little green, but alas – nobody would take a TV that weighed 750 pounds or a media cabinet to store said TV. Soooo we decided to re-purpose it.

Here’s one side of the media cabinet:
painted wall art

I used some medium grit sandpaper to lightly sand one side of the wood, then wiped off the dust with a slightly damp rag.

painted wall art2

I can’t remember where I got this paint sample, but I used it to paint 1 side of my board.

painted wall art3

After 2 light coats, I was left with a white board – painted lightly enough so some of the wood grain peeks through, but still definitely white.

painted wall art4

Using my free paint from Ace, I painted some non-perfect stripes on my board, alternating colors between White and Soft Serenity {by Clark & Kensington} and keeping my stripes approximately 1 1/2″ apart.

painted wall art5

I was originally planning to use this board differently, so while I was waiting for a day to work on a new project, I stuck it up on my living room shelf.

And you know, I just love it there. So it’s staying for now.

painted bottle decor5

I love the look of my painted bottles & frame in front of the board, don’t you?

painted bottle decor6


painted bottle decor7

Never underestimate what you can do with an old board + paint.

Happy creating to you!