Painted Bottle Decor

Well, hello lovely…

painted bottle decor

When I posted about my DIY glitter bottle, a friend asked me if I wanted to recycle her Starbucks bottles. Um…yes, please. Even though I had no idea what I would do with them, I figured I could put them to some sort of good use. And if not, hey – I could just toss them into my recycle bin and call it a day.

Thanks to a few inspiration links via pinterest {thanks Crafted by Lindy & Pretty Handy Girl!}, I decided to paint the inside of these bottles and use them on my living room shelves.

All I used were washed & dried bottles,

painted bottle decor1

paint {my free paint from Ace! woot!} & a paintbrush.

painted bottle decor2

All the tutorials I read said to use spray paint or craft paint and swirl it around with the caps on the bottles. Instead of doing either of those methods, I just stuck my brush down inside the bottle and painted away.

painted bottle decor3

I did 2 coats to get rid of any of the see-through spots you see in the picture above, let it dry thoroughly, and bam! stuck them on my shelves.

painted bottle decor4

There are 2 more bottles I painted, but I can’t show them to you yet…I’m a little behind on sharing things I’ve been working on in my home. Hopefully, next week I will share that project – and then as soon as I get some decent pics, I can finally show you what I did with my pallet! Hooray – can’t wait!





painted bottle decor


  1. Bobbie says:

    Oh how pretty! I love the shape of Starbucks bottles. My residents and I used them for Valentines day centerpieces. we painted them white and added Rick rack that was white with gold We left some of the labels on because they were so sticky. We added button hearts and vintage Valentines.we plan to use them again since the only Valentine parts were removable!

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