One Story

We were in South Carolina last weekend for Jonathan’s Grandma’s funeral.

If you follow me on instagram {@BrownSugarToast}, you probably saw this pic on Saturday:

Funerals. They are interesting times. The funeral for Grandma was – I can honestly say – such a blessing.

It was a blessing because her sons conducted the funeral and shared heartfelt testimonies of her sweet, joyful life – even through Alzheimer’s.

It was a blessing because we got to visit with extended family.

It was a blessing because her life well lived encourages me to do the same.

It was a blessing because we know Grandma put her faith in Jesus, so it wasn’t a matter of saying “Goodbye,” but rather saying, “See you later.”

We each get a chance to write our life’s story. But it’s only 1 chance. And there are no re-writings or revisions available.

How are you writing your story today?


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