November Recap

Well, here we are – in the final month of 2013. Here’s a little recap of what went down in November. Click on the picture for the post!

Mary Beth from Annapolis & Co. shared a recipe for pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Her food photog is amazing, isn’t it? I love every.single.picture I’ve seen her take!!


Diana over at Saving by Making gave some excellent ideas for using frozen apples. Have you ever done this? I just need to clear out some freezer space so I can stuff some apples in there! Yum.


I did it! I made the Caramel Apple Spice {#5} from this group of “links i love.” Both Jonathan & I thought it was delish. Such a great option for a hot drink if you’re trying to avoid caffeine!


We celebrated TWO birthdays in November. I now have a 4 year old. Some days I still feel like I’m playing house. I professed my love of mommy-hood and share some pics here.


Susanna from {Re}visionary Life shared & photographed a super easy + yummy soup. I love this soup and frequently make it without ground beef for a little vegetarian action.


I tried the towel trick {#1} and it actually took the nasty smell out! Also, I now have leftover turkey so I can attempt to recreate #3. I just have to find a recipe for a cranberry-pecan vinaigrette.  Anyone have a good one?

5 links to inspire, encourage, and tantalize.

Thanks to Renee from Living, Laughing & Loving for this crockpot-friendly meal! I heart my crockpot even more now that I have 3 kids. We are becoming BFFs and I’m okay with it.

Easy French Dip the crockpot!!

Hello, super easy + kid friendly craft that transitions from fall to winter! AKA glitter pinecones.

Easy Glitter Pinecones - easy centerpiece or vase filler. All it takes is glitter Mod Podge + pinecones!

Uh yeah…#3? I’m doing well at this stage in my life to file my nails, let alone try nail art. I suppose it’s not very high on my priority list. I’m okay with that. But I would still like to try it out sometime. Maybe for a date night… 😀

5 of the best links from this week!

What do you do when you’re not thankful?

giving thanks - for everything.

A few thanksgiving wishes for ya.

thanksgiving wishes

I hope you all had a special Thanksgiving holiday? We had a wonderful time with some of my in-laws…the time went by much too quickly! {I shared some pictures on my instagram if you’re interested.}

We have yet to put up our tree + Christmas decorations, but I’m thinking I might keep things pretty low-key this year. I’ve been in a great “get-rid-of-junk” phase for the past several months, so I don’t really want to litter my house with more things…Christmas or otherwise. Not really sure how that will play out in my Christmas decor, but that’s just how things are at the moment. Do you ever feel like that or is my head just in crazytown?

One last exciting announcement!!
This week, I’m participating in a Home for the Holidays series along with 4 other fabulous bloggers.
I’ll be sharing a Christmas item inspired by Pottery Barn on Wednesday.
Today’s post is from Christina over at The FrugalHomemaker. Check it out!!

holiday home series


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  1. Diana says:

    I’ve been in a “get-rid-of-junk” phase the past year too! I had a hard time getting out all the Christmas decorations but used the opportunity to clean out and pare it down. Also downplayed it a bit since we have an 8 month old who is getting into everything! Somethings stayed in the boxes this year!

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