Nightstand Restyling

If you’ve seen my guest room re-do, this picture will probably look somewhat familiar:


I’ve never been completely satisfied with the nightstand styling in there, so when Emily Henderson announced a nightstand styling contest, BOOM – I knew I was in.

Besides, the prize is a … wait for it … nightstand! And seeing as one of the nightstands in our master bedroom happens to be a large plastic bin – well, let’s just say I could put a pretty nightstand to good use.

So, after feeding my children lunch, off I went to style away. One rule: I was not going to buy anything. Neither did I want to make anything. So I shopped my home to see what I could put there that would be more interesting than a pile o’ books.

Mission: Restyle my nightstand without spending a penny.

Here’s what I ended up with:

nightstand 400x600

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

nightstand top 600

And here’s a breakdown:

  1. lamp – because I love reading in bed. but who wants to get out of bed to turn the light off?
  2. picture of my man & me – because I’m in love. and it’s nice to remember I can look nice even when I wake up with nasty hair & death breath.
  3. bowl – I like to have a little spot to corral last-minute jewelry, bobby pins, rings, etc. having them in a bowl makes it look prettier.
  4. candle – just for the pretty/scented aspect. yum.
  5. elephant – I needed a little quirk to this table to make it unique. both the elephant & bowl are from a trip I took to Malawi several years ago, so they hold special significance instead of just something I snagged at a yard sale {which can also be cool}.

And now for a couple moments:

nightstand closeup 600

ns closeup 600


And one last gaze:

nightstand collage bst

If you have a moment and could vote for my nightstand, I would dearly appreciate it. I mean, only vote for mine if you actually like it. Otherwise, go vote for your favorite! All you have to do is go here and click “vote!”

So, do you have any nightstand re-styling in your future? 







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  1. Christina says:

    voted for your nightstand.

    Seriously I LOVE it! It is styled beautifully and professionally. And of course you know I love that you did it for FREE! 🙂

    And your pictures look amazing! 🙂

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