Needy: being in want.

I’ve been feeling pretty needy lately.

Not ‘needy’ in a financial or physical sense. I mean, I recognize I’m not the wealthiest person in the world and my body is falling apart. But lately, I’ve been noticing my needs in other areas. Especially spiritual areas.

Like just this week, when I responded with impatient and angry words. To my children and others. Multiple times.

When I mentally put myself above others because I felt I deserved more respect.

When I became annoyed with my husband over something he couldn’t even change.

And God has graciously convicted my heart. I realize my attitudes and responses are wrong. But after so, so many examples like these, I start feeling somewhat like a failure.

Two few weeks ago, I came across a verse in Matthew 5. And God has reminded me of it several times this week:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

My study Bible defines the phrase “poor in spirit” as someone who senses their need for God.

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You know what my failures this week have reminded me of? I’m a sinner who desperately needs God. I need His help to fulfill even the most basic tasks.
Waking up in the morning? Yes, Lord, I need you.
Responding in love to my child’s disobedience? Yes, God, I need you then too.
Being thankful while cleaning up the 17th spill, dealing with never-ending laundry, and breaking up the 48th fight before breakfast? Especially then I need you.

The right response to sin is not feeling like a failure, but reminding yourself of your desperate need for God.

Blessed are those who are needy for Jesus.




  1. Sarah says:

    Yes!!! So true! I’m reading “Complete in Him” (Barrett) and made a music playlist about Jesus’ death for me. Both have been a powerful reminder for me of my total sinfulness and Christ’s limitless power and grace. And it’s my loss that I don’t dwell more on this. Such richness!

  2. Diana says:

    “The right response to sin is not feeling like a failure, but reminding yourself of your desperate need for God.” Yes, and so often I respond wrongly to the sin (which usually results in more sin!) and that is a vicious cycle. I’ve worded this concept to myself so many different ways, and I love your way of putting it too! Thanks 🙂

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