my greatest prayer for my children

greatest prayer for children

Last week, I sat through my church’s communion service with my 3 year old on my lap and my 5 year old next to me. Throughout the service, there were prayers, songs, and Scripture readings. My attention was divided {obviously} between engaging my mind in the service and helping my children sit still.

My mind began wandering and thinking about how much easier it is to control children’s actions when they’re young versus seeing them go their own way as they grow older. As I began worrying about my children’s future, I was pulled back to the service to hear 2 sweet voices joining in the congregational singing:

“Jesus is King! He controls everything.
…How can I fear? Jesus is near. He ever watches over me.

Worries all cease; He gives me peace.
How can I fear with Jesus?”

My children’s sweet voices brought me to tears as I heard them singing such rich truths about God’s sovereignty and my response. I lifted my worries to God and began praying,

“God, let them be yours.”

I prayed for my children to give their whole lives to God – soul, mind, body, and heart. That not one part of them would be left out for selfish gain, but that all would be yielded to Christ. And as my heart cried to God with this, my greatest prayer for my children, my Pastor led the congregation to sing the following words:

“Come, my soul, with every care, Jesus loves to answer prayer;
He himself bids you to pray and will never turn away.

You are coming to your King, Large petitions with you bring;
For his grace and power are such
None can ever ask too much.”

As I sat there, unable to sing because of my tears, my Nate looked up from his perch on my lap. After a few moments of watching my face, he asked, “Why are you sad, Mama?”
I replied, “Oh buddy, Mama’s not sad. I’m just praying that you would give your life to Jesus.” Satisfied, he pulled his gaze away from my face.

I cannot control my own future, much less that of my own children. But I can pray & bring my desires to the King.

So this week, I continue praying this prayer: “God, let them be yours.”
I pray it for myself. My husband. My 3 children.
It’s a large request. Sometimes it even seems impossible – especially when I know too well the pull of my sinful heart.
But I keep asking.

“For His grace and power are such – none can ever ask too much.”