My Goals :: 2012 Edition

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On Wednesday, I shared a few strategies for making awesome goals for yourself. Plus, I shared one of my physical goals for 2012. Today, I will list out the rest of my goals for 2012. (Well, at least I’ll share some of them. There are some I’ve deemed “too personal to publish on the internet.”)

I’ve listed them under 4 different categories: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social.


Run a 1/2 marathon.
Do 25 push-ups daily.
Get back to pre-baby weight.


Learn about Astronomy. (I realize this is not a very specific goal. But I don’t even know enough about astronomy to know exactly what I want to learn. At this point I plan to read/browse several books on the topic.)
Read 12 books this year. (here’s my tentative list)
Practice the piano 1 hour/week.
Learn more about photography – specifically by participating in this program. (super excited about that!!)
Organize certain areas in my home (specifically my dresser, craft shelves, bathroom cabinet & pantry).
as a blogger:
Establish daily times of blogging and stick to them.

Finish memorizing the book of James.
Write weekly in my prayer journal.
Consciously worship when at church instead of going through the motions.

Have others in our home regularly (at least 2x/month).
Continue weekly book study with friends.
as a mom:
Read books to my kids every day.
Write 2x/month in my kids’ journals.

I also have some goals that pertain to my role as a wife. But I won’t share my “wife” goals because I don’t want my husband to know what they are. That would just spoil things.

So there’s my list. I don’t think I categorized everything quite right. But the important thing is: they’re written down. How’s that for accountability? Yikes.

So, how about joining me in my writing things down for the world to see? What are your goals for this year? I’d love to hear them!!


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  1. Chelo @ Home and Bahay says:

    These goals are great, Christa! I certainly have missed having people over and that’s one thing that Seth and I look forward to doing in Saipan. Cooking is triple the fun when you’re feeding people. Quadruple when they love what you make 😉

  2. Melissa says:

    Hey, Christa,
    Long time no see. I love your blog! Keep up the great work!

    My goals for 2012 fall into two basic categories: 1. Be Still (this includes Seeking God More Passionately, Learning to Say No, and Reading More and Watching Less), and 2. Be Healthy (this includes Eating More Plants, Moving More, and Sleeping Properly). Here’s a fuller explanation on my blog:

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the Journey! ~Mel

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