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friday faves

Ever since I started Friday Faves, I’ve been planning to share some of my favorite blogs with you.

The problem is…there are so many amazing blogs out there! And {being the people-pleaser I am} I don’t want to exclude anyone and hurt your feelings! I know…it’s ridiculous, right?

But, in reality, there are more blogs in the world than I have time to read. Like, even if I stayed up 24/7, I bet I couldn’t read all the blogs available. And since I’m a wife & mom {among other things}, I choose to limit the number of blogs I read. As of right now, I read 9 blogs on a pretty regular basis. Here they are, along with a little explanation of why I choose to follow them:

beautiful hello

Beautiful Hello is a blog written by Emily Jeffords – an artist as well as a friend from college. Her posts are always beautiful and inspiring. Also, she designs absolutely gorgeous fine art jewelry. Every post keeps me coming back for more.

joyful adorations

Joyful Adorations is also written by a college friend named Kelly. I love her blog because every post describes the daily life of a mom – but with a truly joyful & contented attitude. Even after reading about their crazy busy week, I know Kelly is loving the job God has given her right now as a wife and momma.

frugal homemaker

The Frugal Homemaker is written by my friend, Christina. Filled with unbelievable yard sale & thrift store finds that she’s used to beautify her home, this is a blog that is frugal as well as just plain lovely.

just laine

it’s just Laine is what I would call a lifestyle blog. Laine writes about mothering, being a pastor’s wife, delish recipes, home decor, and throughout every post is beautiful photography. An encouraging and inspiring read.


Emily writes at Jones Design Company. She includes gorgeous photos of her home, thoughts on life and mothering, and sometimes even throws an amazing DIY tutorial in there.

nesting place

Myquillyn blogs under the pen name of The Nester and writes all about the beautiful imperfections of life & home decor. Reading her blog will make you less obsessed to buy that new piece of furniture and more content to live with and love what you already have.


I’ve found some pretty fun wardrobe inspiration at Audrey’s blog, Putting Me Together. I love seeing how different people put outfits together and figuring out a way to do the same thing with clothes already in my closet!

the small things

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen Kate’s head all over the place. Most likely best known for hair tutorials, The Small Things Blog is a combination of hair, beauty, and style tips – sometimes with random cats thrown in. As a Mom of 2 littles & someone who grew up throwing my hair in a ponytail most days, the hair tutorials are not an every-day style for me. But I’m workin’ on it!


Young House Love. Really – do they need an explanation? Probably not. John & Sherry write about their house and the DIY projects they’re constantly working on…from wall art to building out a fireplace to installing penny tile. Their writing style is down to earth & makes you feel like you’re best friends. Except not.

And because I can’t leave it at just that, here are more blogs I read when I have time:

Five in Tow
Thrifty Stories
The Marathon Mom
The Poorganic Life
My Blessed Life
The Lettered Cottage
Beneath My Heart
The Pioneer Woman

Oh goodness, I know I’m missing some! What are your favorite blogs to read?



  1. Kelsie Johanna says:

    *blushes* awh you added my blog:) thank you:)
    oooh I love the small things blog. I started to read her blog even before I had my own blog! have you read her sister’s blog From My Grey Desk?
    I’m honored to be on your blogroll:D

  2. Kristen Glover says:

    Ah! You listed my blog! Well, the feeling is mutual. I’m really glad you didn’t quit on April 1. 🙂

  3. Christa says:

    Of course I listed your blog!!! I’m so excited you’re working on a book proposal too. Love your writing and can’t wait to see how God uses the book!!!

  4. Laine says:

    Thanks so much for including me in this post…especially since there are quite a few “big wigs” included! =) I enjoy your blog so much, too. And I for one am glad that last Monday’s post was an April Fool’s joke…I would be sad if you left blog world!

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