31 Day Simplify Series :: My Fave Recipe Sources {day 21}

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This post is the most exciting to me. Because duh. Food.

Do you love good food? Like tasty, healthy, comforting, spicy, sweet, crunchy, creamy, colorful … I think food is just one of the ways God shows His creativity and love for us. A while ago, I was sick and couldn’t taste anything. I kept pouring cayenne pepper in my soup and thought maybe it had gone bad or something because I couldn’t taste a thing! And then I realized it was just my sinuses that were messed up. I realized over those days how much of a delight food really is. All the different tastes and textures! God could have just made all food taste the same. But He didn’t. And I like to think that’s just one way He lavishes His love on us!

So on to some of my favorite food sources! There are a bajillion places you can find recipes. I have several cookbooks. But I’ll be honest – I rarely use them anymore. When I want a recipe, the first place I look is always online. If I’m looking for a very specific recipe, the very first site I turn to is Allrecipes.com.


My favorite part of All Recipes is the reviews and rating section. That’s the first thing I look at – after the name of the recipe, of course. I also started using the ‘Recipe Box’ feature over the past year and have loved that for family favorite recipes.

When I’m looking for recipe inspiration, there are 2 foodie sites I especially love:

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

shrimp tacos PW

her humor + food photog + insanely awesome kitchen skillz draw me in every time. like the shrimp tacos above? I could inhale one right this second.

I also really like Lauren’s Latest.

wraps laurens latest

Her recipes always look and sound amazing. Southwest Sausage and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps? Sign me up. I’ve made her chocolate frosting for approximately the last 134 birthdays in our house. I mean, at least the last 4. Yum. Also, if you like getting yummy food inspiration in your facebook feed, definitely follow her on facebook. She’s constantly sharing delicious recipes she finds/creates and I love it!

And last, but definitely not least…who could forget our dearly beloved Pinterest?

Follow Christa {BrownSugarToast}’s board Food to Make on Pinterest.

I’m in the process of reorganizing my pinterest boards. I used to just have one big board called “Food to Make.” Now I’m working on creating boards based on whether the food is a breakfast, snack, entree, crockpot meal, etc. It’s a time consuming project, but I know it will make it even easier for me to use! Here are the food boards I have so far. If any of them interest you, please follow along!

Breads + Breakfast
Tried & LOVED!
Crockpot Meals
Freezer Cooking/Baking

Clearly, I don’t mess around with food. It’s serious business, y’all.

Where do you go to for your fave recipes? Share in the comments {gasp! I opened comments!} and we can all gain from each other’s inspiration!

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  1. Pinterest, blogs, and honestly sometimes I still pull some from magazines – old Taste of Home magazines of current magazines that I get like Country Living or BHG. I also LOVE Publix Apron meals! They cook a meal each night in store and give out samples and I have never had one that isn’t really yummy yet! They are quick and easy meals too. So several of those have made it into our family faves and my family recipe book.

  2. Diana says:

    Annie’s Eats is my favorite food blogger. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with one of her recipes. http://www.annies-eats.com/

    And I use a lot of Pinterest recipes, try them at least. And AllRecipes is good too. I’ve found a lot there.

    (And I’m up to 18 food boards on Pinterest, 7 of those dessert related…)

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