Monthly Checkup

Does that post title strike fear into your heart? As if you are going in to see the doctor?

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Never fear – this is my check-up; not yours.

Last month, I shared some of my goals for 2012. Today is a monthly check-up to see how things are going and make changes as needed. So, here are my goals listed out in italics with an update beside each one. (Forgive me, but this post is more for me than it is for you. I need to write it out and hit “publish” to get the motivation for February’s goals.)


Run a 1/2 marathon. – Still on the schedule for April 14.
Do 25 push-ups daily. – So happy to say I’ve actually done it every. day. in. January!!! I’m up to 15 full push-ups & 10 knee push-ups. Goal is 25 full pushups for February.
Get back to pre-baby weight. – 5 lbs to go. Woot! Plan to lose the rest this month.


Learn about Astronomy. – Haven’t done 1 thing on this. Need to check out a book from the library.
Read 12 books this year. (here’s my tentative list) – Yep. Finished one. Book review to come next Friday.
Practice the piano 1 hour/week. – One week I only practiced 40 minutes. Whoops. But every other week I’ve practiced over 1 hour!
Learn more about photography – specifically by participating in this program. – Check! And you can see my pics for proof! Resolution, Made with Love, I Dreamed a Dream, & Self-Portrait.
Organize certain areas in my home (specifically my dresser, craft shelves, bathroom cabinet & pantry). – I am proud to say I’ve organized everything but my craft shelves. Not just organized, but kept organized. Big difference there. The biggest deal is that I’ve made a goal not to keep piles on my dresser but just to put everything in its place. That is a haaard thing for me to do. But I’ve been trying. It is so nice to walk into my room and see a clean dresser!
as a blogger:
Establish daily times of blogging and stick to them.
– Yeah, this isn’t happening at all. That’s because every day is so different in my life and the addition of 2 kids makes it even more different. Maybe once my kids are older I’ll be able to do this? But right now I just catch moments when I can. If you blog with small children and have a schedule of times you blog, please share your thoughts.

Finish memorizing the book of James. – Finished! Taking the next month to review the book to make sure it sticks.
Write weekly in my prayer journal. – I got a 50% score on this goal.
Consciously worship when at church instead of going through the motions. – This is hard! But I find it’s easier as I start the day earlier and am able to have quiet time with the Lord before rushing to get my kids ready for church (been there?) and in the nursery on time. Phew. My hubby always goes to church early, so it’s just me getting the kids ready because of different responsibilities and lemme tell ya, it’s always a race. I’m learning, though. We’ll see how February goes.

Have others in our home regularly (at least 2x/month). – We “overdid it” this month. Love it.
Continue weekly book study with friends. – One of my favorite times of the week!
as a mom:
Read books to my kids every day. –
My daughter makes sure this happens! Whenever I tell her I’m going to read her a book she says “right back” and gets a big stack. By big, I mean 10-15 books. And then she says, “right back!” and gets more. The other night we were lying on the floor reading books. She probably could have read all night! I love that.
Write 2x/month in my kids’ journals. – Big fail. I haven’t written in them once! Boo. Must rectify this for February.

So, some goals I’ve completed. Some I haven’t even made any progress on. But I know what I need to do and where I need to make changes. How about you? How are you doing in the goals department of your life?

p.s. Need help making goals? Here’s a great post on how to make goals that will work for you!


  1. Bobbie says:

    Applause!! You are doing great! We are planning an astronomical Spring Sunday School Campaign at our church so our Pastor has all of us leaning about astronomy. Moody Bible Institute has a dvd that we are all watching but I can’t remember the name of it ( i will let you know when I do.) I love the book of James! Kudos on memorizong the whole book- the LORD will bless you for it! I am working on Timothy at the moment. Thank you for sharing your Checkup with us!

  2. Christa says:

    Wow – what a cool theme for a SS campaign! That really sounds awesome! Definitely let me know if you think of the title! Thanks so much for the applause. 🙂

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