My friends, this has been the state of my living room for the last couple of days:

Jonathan says it looks like a gypsy camp. *ahem*

I’m making this fabric swag in preparation for my first craft show that takes place in . . . 2 weeks!!! {cue insane jumping & glue gun burns} I was inspired by these 2 pins (1 & 2).

If you’re in the Charlotte area, definitely consider coming to this Fair.

I’ve gone the past 3 years (including last year – the morning before Nate was born) and loved it so much. So much, in fact, that I decided to rent my own booth.

So, for the past several weeks – and the next 2 weeks – my home will be pretty insane-looking.

The blessing? I’m creating. Doing what I love to do. And my honey is okay with it. Even if it does look like a gypsy camp every once in a while.

Love that man.



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