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I have this lovely piece of furniture next to my bed called a nightstand.


I mainly use it to hold books. At least that’s how it originally began it’s life purpose.
But after years of use, I opened each of the 3 drawers to reveal a big M-E-double S and that spells MESS. It’s always nice to see someone else’s messy drawers, isn’t it? That’s why I documented the sights for you. Below – exhibit A, B, & C:

Cords, matches, letters, coupons, receipts, etc. I think the only thing I didn’t have in there was food. Which is rather remarkable.
I realize the bottom drawer doesn’t look so shoddy, but that’s because it’s my library book drawer and I had yet to put in my new books.

While my husband was studying and my children were asleep, I set to work tidying up this area. After some trashing. wiping, and redistributing, I was left with a much happier sight:
nightstand3The top drawer is reserved for my Bible study materials + essentials {like glasses and chapstick} that I reach for every day.
My middle drawer is things I want to read – whether it’s the new Better Homes & Garden magazine or other books.
And the bottom drawer is for all my library materials. As you can see, I have a steady relationship with my library. {I reviewed The Prodigal God here.}

Contrary to popular belief, an organized nightstand is not the sign of a wasted life, but rather the sign of 15 minutes very well spent.
Have you been organizing anything lately?



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