Master Bedroom Tour

Last year, one of my blogging goals was to get around to a little house tour. It’s taken me a while because I’ve been working to get pictures that are somewhat decent. Unfortunately, that Better Homes & Gardens photographer never showed up {ahem} and so you’re stuck with me as the photog. That means it looks as if a spaceship is about to enter my room via the windows. Never fear — it’s just the sun.

Here’s what things look like as you enter the Master Bedroom:


You’ve seen the wardrobe before when I added fabric using upholstery tacks. To the left of the wardrobe is a wall which has a large closet – not walk-in, but large enough to house both my & Jonathan’s hanging clothes – as well as quite a bit of other odds & ends including maternity clothes, purses, sleeping bags, etc. We kinda like to use our storage space for all its worth.


A closer look at our dresser and the items on top. I made a new year’s resolution in 2012 to keep the top of my dresser cleared. This was, in part, made for my husband’s benefit. He’s the more organized one in our home, although I think I’ve gotten at least a little better in the past 5 years of marriage. I’ve learned it’s a daily thing – like all of life, really. But I’m pleased to say my dresser looks clean like this a lot more than it used to.


Swing around to the other wall and this is what’s happenin’. A few bottles on the windowsill – my glitter bottle, a bamboo plant, and another glitter bottle. You might remember how I covered up our massive breaker box with an even more massive picture of me & my man? I’m constantly glad I did that.


A little closer look at the curtains, shall we? I made these a while ago out of 2 fabrics from Hancock’s. I made them just long enough so they would wrap around the sides of the brackets. I wanted more of a “grown-up” look for our room and this style helps achieve the look I was going for.


Our bed with the DIY canvas art & lettered art.


And, taking another little swivel, we come to the other side of the room! There’s the closet to the far right of the picture. Looking out into the hall you can see a peek of our bathroom.


Comforter & shams; Target
Green throw: Ikea
Headboard: hand-me-down

A quick word about the furniture in this room: most of it was given to us! Before Jonathan & I got married, some friends of mine invited me over to their garage and told me to take anything I could use. Before I started carting things off like a maniac, I said, “Ummm…okay, well, you know we’re starting out with nothing? So, we could probably use all of it.”
I guess I just wanted to give them another chance to back out in case they weren’t sure they wanted to hand it all over to my greedy little fingers. But hand it over they did!
And so we were blessed with a bed, dresser, and 2 nightstands {that I use as end tables in our living room}.
2 years ago, a friend passed on the wardrobe to me & just last year, another friend moved away and left me with her nightstand.

So let that be a reminder to you & me: God provides. Abundantly.
& I’m so thankful.

Come back Wednesday for an exclusive tour of my bathroom. I know you’re excited.



  1. Chelsea says:

    Awhh I love this! Your bedroom is lovely. I love to keep the top of my dressers, stands, counters, etc, clear. It just feels so much homier to me. 🙂

    Recently, my husband told me that he feels like our house is too plain. He never makes comments like that, but apparently it’s really bugging him. We moved into our house in October, and our bedroom, living, and hallway walls are bare as can be. He understands we don’t have much money to work with for decor- and that combined with “I have no clue what I’m doing” equals bare walls. Anyway- seeing your bedroom tour encourages me to try and get creative, even on a budget. Hopefully I can figure *something* out!

  2. Christa says:

    Ah yes – and I feel like I can breeeeaaaathe when surfaces are clean!
    Good for you for working to be creative! Have fun with it and make it something you and your hubby love! I’m sure you’ll make things lovely.

  3. Abby says:

    I enjoyed your master bedroom tour. It is beautiful! I need to something with mine but for now just keeping it clean is my challange. One time when we were living in our apartment my husband and I took some trash to the dump and found this set of very worn wicker furniture set that included a rocking chair, coffee table and couch and a small tv with remote. So we took everything back to our apartment. I stained the wicker furniture and bought new cushions for the rocking chair and couch. All the items are spread throughout our house and remind me of how the Lord provides. Anyway your story reminded me of mine. The Lord has also provided other items in our house but the story of my wicker furniture is the most memorable:).

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