March Goals 2014

March Goals 2014 via

I have a love/hate relationship with these monthly goal check-ups. I love them because they keep me accountable. I mean, if I’m gonna put my goals out there for you to read, I really don’t want to come back a month later and be like, “nope. didn’t do ’em. i’m a failure.”

Here are my goals from February:

  1. read Running Scared. excellent book. I even used an illustration here
  2. continue my Bible-in-a-year plan.
  3. read 32 chapters of Little Pilgrim’s Progress to Anna Grace {chapters are small. don’t be too impressed.}
  4. exercise 125 minutes each week. I did this 3 out of 4 weeks. The last week was accomplished through much…pain + creativity. I would like to tell you about it, but I’m not sure my ego can take that much blasting.
  5. finish memorizing Ephesians 1.
  6. teach Anna Grace the first 10 catechism answers. {using this version.we only got through 4 of these due to my forgetfulness. 
  7. make two recipes for the freezer. {currently thinking of making this & this} I made chicken salsa pockets, but we ate them before they made it to the freezer. I also made morning glory muffins, but they’ve already been pulled out of the freezer and there are only 4 left. whoops. we like to eat.
  8. make Valentine’s cookies for our neighbors. 


and here are my goals for March:

  1. continue reviewing Ephesians 1 & memorize Ephesians 2:1-10.
  2. continue my Bible-in-a-year plan.
  3. read 30 chapters from Little Pilgrim’s Progress to Anna Grace.
  4. exercise 125 minutes each week.
  5. run 3 miles/week.
  6. read 1 book. I haven’t decided which one yet. I’ll let you know what I pick, though!
  7. stencil a doormat & post a tutorial if it turns out. 😉
  8. try 2 new recipes {interested in this & this}
  9. talk to 4 people {aka strangers} about Jesus.

What’s 1 goal you have for March?



  1. Christa says:

    oh yea! you’ll have to let me know how it turns out! I bought an Ikea “base.” but love your idea of using carpet remnants!

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