31 Day Simplify Series :: make a station {day 11}

Simplify 300

Sometimes it’s easier + lovelier if you put everything in one place.

Take this picture for example:

BH simple mealspinned here via Biblical Homemaking

This is Mandy’s kitchen from her recently-moved-out-of home. With 5 kids, she does a lot of baking. And look how lovely everything looks since it’s all in one spot and in lovely, glass containers! And how simple it would be to grab whatever you need from the shelf. I think this would be a great idea for a breakfast station. Load up the granola, oatmeal, pancake mix, etc. in those containers and put your older kids in charge of breakfast! Clearly, my 4 year old is not old enough to make pancakes. But I have great plans for her future. 😉

Next week, I’ll share things I do to keep mealtimes simple. I’m having a hard time limiting it to just 1 week, so it might spill over into the next week as well. Eating is just so fun, ya know? And we do a lot of it around here. You too?

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