love at first . . . nevermind

because this week is my SIXTH wedding anniversary,
I decided to share the story of how I met & married my husband.
in several segments, of course.
here’s part 1.

I remember it like it was 10 years ago.

That may be because it was 10 years ago.

There we were, embarking on our first week working at a summer camp, when suddenly – into the room walks my future husband.

My sister, Sarah, and I were just killing time looking at books in the staff lounge when Jonathan walked in. Sarah knew him because they went to the same college. I, being a lowly freshly-graduated-from-high-school person, had not yet entered the college scene. I can’t remember precisely what the first words were between us, but I seem to recall them being something romantic like,

“Jonathan, this is my little sister, Christa.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

And I with my insanely awesome social skills replied, “Hi.”

The moon was full. The stars were bright. We walked into the moonlight and pledged each other our forever love.

Or actually, we went downstairs and played foosball. Sarah and I against Jonathan and another guy friend. Girls VS. guys. Clearly, we had zero chance of winning.

Except that we did win. And someone was not happy about it. I won’t drop any names or anything, but that unhappy person happened to be my future husband. Yep, he was not impressed that 2 girls had toasted his biscuits in a game. Of course, my sister and I, being the humble good sports we are, decided not to rejoice over our winning.

Except that we did rejoice. Just a teeny bit, of course.

The rest of the summer, I think we said about 15 words to each other total. He got a pretty bad leg injury several weeks into camp, so I remember talking with him about that. Otherwise, we were merely acquaintances. Calling us “friends” would be a pretty big stretch, as we only knew each other’s names. But we had at least met.

Which definitely gave me grounds to ask him out on a date.

More on that next time.

I mean, you already know the ending. So it can’t be too cruel to leave you hanging since you know it ended in marriage. Right?

Clearly there are no pictures of Jonathan and I during this time at camp. I did, however, procure a picture of Sarah, my cousin and I together in the camp dining hall. There I am on the right, trying to be all hilarious by pretending to squirt my cousin with cleaning solution. And smiling so hard it looks like my face may explode. Whew. Take hope, single girls. Look at this picture and take great hope.

Love at First . . . nevermind







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