links i love

links i love

  1. These DIY Marble Coasters look pretty easy to make. And seeing as I don’t currently own coasters, I hear them calling my name.
  2. Maybe it’s the creeper tendency in me, but I enjoy reading about random people’s daily schedules. Young House Love dishes about theirs here.
  3. Believe it or not, this is the ceiling of an 8 year old girls’ bedroom. Gor.geous.
  4. Emily came up with a tutorial to make a zinc look-alike letter out of paint & a cheap cardboard letter.
  5. These chewy bars sound pretty tasty. They’ll most likely be making an appearance at the next church dinner I attend…

So, what’s going on in your weekend? Anything exciting?
We are doing a youth activity including laser tag. Just imagine a 37.5 week prego running around in the dark with a laser gun & vest. Yeah. I know you’re laughing. You’re welcome.

If I get brave, I may share a pic on facebook. Otherwise, I’ll see you back here on Monday – the last day of September!!!



  1. Becky says:

    Wow!! I need to check out those coasters. And I like hearing about other people’s schedules too… it helps me get ideas for how to re-vamp mine! And, I think you are an adorable preggo. <3

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