links i love

links i love

  1. If you have 9 1/2 minutes to spare today, check out this heartwarming video about a song 96 year old Fred wrote for his wife. Precious.
  2. I made these granola bars this week. I used coconut as my mix-in and put chocolate chips in while everything was still warm so they would melt. Seriously, guys, these are not even in the same ballpark as the packaged brands. Jonathan & I have been eating these like crazy. Delish.
  3. On the other side of the scale, here’s a cool little article about juicing – recipes included.
  4. My friend, Laine, wrote a post about kids + changes + mom-selfishness. Really good.
  5. 7 ideas for Moms to slow down & soak in the Word during the busy seasons.

I’m kinda excited because a package is on its way to little old me. My sweet guy gave me $ for my birthday {yep – the one in June… I told you I’m a ridiculously annoying saver.} that I’ve been hangin’ on to for the express purpose of getting boots. And I finally bought a pair! *Hoping* they fit perfectly!

Happy weekend, my friends!


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